Top 5 Things To Do When You Visit Madeira Island In Summer 2021

Visit Madeira Island and enjoy a complimentary air of the various activities available in the area at the time hottest of the year, is the perfect program for your next summer vacation. With all that nature has to offer, as well as the various attractions throughout the island, they will make your stay in the region for longer than anticipated.

This archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean provides you with unique moments, which result in a true adventure. From radical activities, to magnificent walks typical of the region, where you can observe beautiful landscapes of the nature of Madeira, the local gastronomy that attracts many visitors to the region, and the beautiful boat trips or other means of transport that makes it possible to visit the entire Madeira island region.

In addition, you will enjoy good local accommodation in the various areas of the island, being able to take advantage of the various services offered, as well as, enjoying the beautiful view of the island, which many of the accommodations provide to their guests.

Discover the various tourist attractions in the region that will make your stay unique

Practice radical activities

Madeira Island has several attractions that will make your stay, full of emotions and adventures, unforgettable. Given the climate and other island features, this, meets all the conditions for the practice of radical activities, offers means and materials so you can practice various extreme sports in the region.

From hang gliding and paragliding, diving, surfing, canyoning, among other sports that make your vacation unique. You can practice mountain biking and know the various corners of the island, enjoying various environments, as well as the subtropical climate that characterizes the archipelago of madeira.

In the course of his stay in the region, may also carry out the activity coasteering, which consists of the exploration of the coastline of the island, climbing the rocks, performing jumps and dives into the sea. It is recommended to practice this activity in the Ponta de São Lourenço Nature Reserve, being able to appreciate the magnificent landscape of this area of ​​the region.

Know the typical dishes of Madeira

One of the things you must know on your visit to the region is the unmistakable local cuisine. The well-known caco cake with butter and garlic, the espetada em pau de louro, the filete de espada with banana, the queijadas from Madeira, among other traditional Madeiran delicacies, which represent the culture of the region.

You will be able to enjoy these typical meals, in the several restaurants distributed by the island, as well as, of other dishes served in the region. In addition, the food practiced on the Madeira Island, is based on rural customs making it tasty and unique.

From the north to the south of the island, you will find several traditional restaurants, which will provide you with a familiar and welcoming atmosphere, and also take the opportunity to discover the various regional products, such as the refreshing passion fruit, which originate the passion fruit pudding dessert, traditional from Island.

Carry out the typical levadas of madeira

One of the most important activities on Madeira Island are the typical Madeiran levadas. These are characterized by walking routes with varying durations depending on their level of difficulty, which allow the observation of beautiful landscapes and species that reside in the Madeira archipelago.

In several areas of the island you will find several accessible levadas that provide you with a different and unique day, next to beautiful magnificent waterfalls that turn into beautiful lagoons of clear and fresh water. In addition, in some hikes you can dive and swim in the crystal clear waters that surround the region.

The typical Madeiran levadas are one of the activities you need to carry out during your stay, since through these, you will be able to appreciate the best of the nature of the region and get to know every corner of the island. Given this, try to start the routes, from the most accessible to the most difficult and carry them out with the appropriate equipment, so that they can be done safely.

Take boat trips and get to know various areas of the Island

Boat trips make it possible to visit the region and also allow you to get to know the marine species that reside in the archipelago. You can opt for the dolphin and whale watching tour that reside in the seas of Madeira and, also, the catamaran tour, where you can see cetaceans in the region, this tour being one of the most sought after in the region.

In addition to the tours mentioned above, you can also take a boat trip to the Porto Santo Island, belonging to the Madeira archipelago , while enjoying the aroma and the characteristic breeze of the region, along the tour.

You can also rent a boat and enjoy a relaxing walk through the region, during a beautiful sunny day. Enjoy your summer vacation, to get to know the island on an unforgettable boat trip.

Visit the region’s viewpoints

The viewpoints of Madeira Island are one of the great attractions and places in the region that allow residents and visitors to observe the magnificent beauty of the island. Located at various points on the island, the viewpoints allow the observation of a beautiful landscape and unique moments that you can photograph or keep in your memory.

When you visi Madeira Island, you will find panoramic views and several species, provided by the nature of the island, seen through the viewpoints. In these various places, you can still enjoy the beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean that surrounds the island and offers you a relaxing and unique moment, in the best company.

Take advantage of your stay in the region to visit these viewpoints scattered around the island and enjoy the beautiful landscape provided by the nature of the region.

Come and visit madeira Island and enjoy an unforgettable vacation

On your visit to Madeira Island, you should know and enjoy all the attractions that the region offers. This island has a lot to offer to its visitors, who travel to the archipelago, to enjoy the fantastic local gastronomy, the Madeiran traditions and customs, as well as the festive events that take place throughout the year.

In the hottest season of the year, summer, you can also take the opportunity to visit the various beaches in the region, rocky, with black sand or white sand that, with good infrastructure and structures provide you with good moments, along with a refreshing drink.

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