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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you can find the most frequently asked questions about our service, cars, legal information and more. If you need further assistance, please contact us through our contact form.

What should I do to rent a car?
To rent a car with us, you can do it through our website, by phone, by email or in person at any of our 7M Agencies in Madeira.
How many kilometres/miles can I do?
The kilometers or miles are unlimited, so you can enjoy the vehicle and our island without limits.
Can I choose the car I want to reserve?
Yes, you can choose a vehicle, however, on the day of delivery, we (7M) may have to change depending on the availability of the vehicle on the day, thus delivering a car within the same category.
What is the procedure if you return the vehicle with damage?
Whenever there is any damage to the car during the rental period of the vehicle, the customer must report immediately to 7M Rent a Car, and present the rental agreement so that an employee can check the insurance chosen by you, as well as under what circumstances the damage occurred, so that the situation can be assessed.

In the case of negligence or violation of the Driving Law, no insurance will cover the damage.

In case the customer has opted for Basic Insurance, any damage verified will be the customer’s entire responsibility up to the maximum amount of the deductible presented.

In the event of opting for SCDW insurance, the customer will not have to pay any damages, when proved it’s not due to negligence or a violation of the Driving Law.

Do I need a Driving License?
Yes. The minimum age of the driver is 21 years old, the presentation of the original documents is mandatory.

In case of being a driver with less than 2 years license and/or less than 21 years, the payment of the deductible is mandatory, as well as a fee added to the total value of your booking purchase, according to our in-store rates.

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What documents should I present when picking up the vehicle?
You must present your driving license and passport or identity card.
What is the minimum rental period?
The minimum period of rental is 1 day(24h) with 1 hour of tolerance.
Does the car come with full tank?

No. The vehicles must be delivered with the same amount as the initial contract, and for each 1⁄4 of deposit missing, a fee of 25€ will be charged.

Will the customer be reimbursed for the surplus fuel?
No. And in the event of a fuel change, the customer bears the cost of repair.
Do you have insurance?
The rate includes CDW – Collision Insurance (with deductible).

You can choose the SCDW option – deductible exception, total tranquillity 7M offers SCDW that eliminates the responsibility for the deductible.

The SCDW doesn’t cover the loss of keys, accessories, original documents and tyre damage.

What if i get Fines and/or Penalties?
It will be the lessee’s responsibility, except in case of it originates from the vehicle itself.

If the customer does not pay the fines directly, a service fee of 10€ will be charged, with VAT, plus the amount of the fine(s).

Do you have any Hotspot Wifi?
Yes, if you need internet we have the possibility to rent a wifi hotspot per day. Have a look at the extras options of our cars.

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