Top 5 Reasons To Travel To Madeira Island On Your Next Vacation In 2021

Below are 5 reasons to travel to Madeira Island, which will allow you to get to know your holiday destination better and be surprised along your trip to Madeira, enjoying the best that the nature of the island has to offer, as well as the various tourist attractions that will make your stay unforgettable.

In your travel to Madeira Island, you can discover fantastic local cuisine, as well as unique places and landscapes. The island has many attractions and the difficulty will be to return to the origin.

After knowing the 5 reasons to travel to Madeira Island, this will certainly be your first choice

1. Local Gastronomy

1. Local Gastronomy

1. Local Gastronomy

The Madeira Island is very well known internationally, not only for the unique landscape, but also for its local cuisine, which attracts every year many visitors to the archipelago. When you are going to travel to Madeira Island you can find several regional products and typical dishes of the region. So, you will be able to enjoy the famous espetada de carne de vaca em pau de louro, with fried corn, also characteristic of the region, fries and salad, as well as the traditional bolo de mel and Madeira wine. In several restaurants on the island you will find a variety of regional dishes that will make your stay complete.

Since drinks to dishes, you can enjoy a unique gastronomic experience, in your visit to the region. When you travel to Madeira, you will be guaranteed several restaurants waiting for you that will provide you an exceptional service and meal, so that you have a perfect stay and return on your next vacation.

The region has also other typical dishes such as the well – known bolo do caco with butter and garlic, very consumed as input a meal in the region and can therefore find this entry in almost all the local restaurants. Also the tomato and onion soup is a characteristic dish of the island, as well as the filete de espada with banana, carne de vinho e alhos, lapas da madeira, among others. Through this dining experience you can enjoy the unique moment that Madeira Island provides.

The Madeira Island has a wide local cuisine with well prepared meals through the use of quality ingredients and one combination of unique flavors and aromas that arouse your curiosity about the Madeiran culture.

2. Subtropical Climate

2. Subtropical Climate

2. Subtropical Climate

The climate of Madeira Island is one of the main attractive factors of the region, since there are neither too high nor too low temperatures. This characteristic attracts countless visitors throughout the year to the region. So, it is the perfect destination to spend your next vacation.

The region’s mild climate favors the performance of various activities. You can visit the beaches in the region, go on boat trips, go through the region’s characteristic walks, as well as other tourist attractions evident on the island. Given this, you will enjoy your stay, with sunny days, enjoying all that the island has to offer.

With this subtropical climate in the archipelago, it is not necessary to bring very warm clothes for your stay, because even in the winter season, you can enjoy beautiful sunny days with clear skies. The most windy days, characteristic of the island, allow the practice of some activities, such as paragliding and hang gliding.

The subtropical climate will be an advantage for those in love with the summer season, with a good temperature of the sea water, throughout the year, you can dive and enjoy moments of relaxation.

3. Tourist Attractions

3. Tourist Attractions

3. Tourist Attractions

The Madeira Island, being a tourist island that receives several visitors throughout the year, has several tourist attractions, in which activities can be carried out on land, at sea or in the air. You can practice various extreme sports, boat trips, take levadas, enjoying beautiful landscapes, as well as the waterfalls that form beautiful lagoons of clear water When you travel to madeira. In addition, the local cuisine, mentioned in the previous point, is also an attraction for many visitors.

Although Madeira Island is a small region, with a small population, it has several tourist attractions in order to make the stay of its visitors the best possible. These, ranging from car rides to know the nature of the island, the descida do monte nos carros de cesto, as well as boat trips to see the various marine species present in the archipelago, among many others dinamic activities. In addition, the region has passeios de teleférico, where you can observe the beauty of the city, several paths taken, to know better the unique landscapes that the island gives you, as well as endemic species.

When travelling to Madeira Island you can also find several viewpoints with unforgettable landscapes, which you can enjoy, alone or with your family. With viewpoints in various areas of the island, you can see from many points on the island, a large part of the region. You can also take boat trips along the coast of the island, watch the sunrise at the highest peak on the island, as well as various other activities and sports.

When choosing Madeira Island as the destination for your next vacation, you will have at your disposal a set of tourist attractions, which will make these unforgettable and make you want to return soon.

4. Variety and Quality of the Accommodation Offer

4. Variety and Quality of the Accommodation Offer

4. Variety and Quality of the Accommodation Offer

In this tourist destination you will find your dream stay, with excellent customer service, providing you with a unique experience in one of the various accommodations in the region. In addition, you will have at your disposal several services that will contribute to a great stay.

In Madeira Island you will find accommodation in various parts of the island, staying at your discretion to choose for obtaining a stay unforgettable. In addition, you can choose a hotel with a good quality / price ratio or even a lower price but good quality accommodation.

The ease in choosing an accommodation is due to the wide range of hotels and the remaining local accommodation is providing you a pleasant stay, such as Hostels and pensions.

In order to have a pleasant stay, you should look for the accommodation that best responds your needs, taking into account the criteria defined by you. The island’s hotels have a high level of quality, as well as exceptional service and a welcoming atmosphere, characteristic of Madeiran culture.

5. Cultural Traditions

5. Cultural Traditions

5. Cultural Traditions

Madeiran culture encompasses several traditions, which are followed by the majority of the region’s population. Given this, when traveling to Madeira island you will know different traditions that will make your stay more pleasant and will make you feel welcomed by residents.

Of several annual traditions followed by residents, are Missas do Parto, which takes several people to the churches to see nine Masses at the time of Christmas. This is one of the most followed Christmas traditions and aims to announce the birth of Jesus, also, other traditions take place on the island, with the traditional costume of Madeira being one of them, as well as the traditional Madeiran music, namely the bailinho.

Arraiais are also one of the Madeiran traditions, which attracts thousands of people every year. It is celebrated in several locals on the island and it is a moment of great joy and conviviality. From food and drink, to music and decorations in the streets, characteristic of this party. Also the events held are on the island, such as Festa da Flor, Carnival Festivities, End Year’s Party, among others, are characteristic of the region and are followed for years by residents and visitors.

The population of Madeira Island has very present the traditions in their day to day, making these increasingly present over the years and in which gathers the population throughout the year to celebrate in socializing these holidays, making this, a humble population, very close to the family and their land. Madeira culture generates interest on the part of those who visit the island, given its empathy and simplicity.

You found the ideal destination to spend your next vacation!

This are our top 5 reasons to travel to Madeira Island on your next vacation in 2021, but Madeira has several exciting features that will make you be dazzled. The many landscapes that can be observed in various viewpoints, in various places on the island, as well as the species identified in the area, make this archipelago, a unique region.

The gastronomic experience and the comfort you will feel in the accommodations in the region, as well as all the tourist attractions that you can experience, will make this stay the most special. You have several reasons to visit Madeira, do not miss this opportunity.

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