Top 5 places to visit in Madeira Island

If you are going to visit the beautiful Madeira Island, you’ll for sure want to go to the main landmarks of this “Pearl of the Atlantic”. Madeira is known for its beautiful landscapes, for its natural wealth, its Levadas, its gastronomy and its friendly people.

Having so much to explore, you’ll want to at least know the main points of interest.

We show you here in the Top 5 places to visit in Madeira Island:

Cabo Girão

Cabo Girão is located to the west of Funchal, it’s the 7th highest lofty sea cliff in Europe with 589m of height, with a vertiginous beauty, it’s a place that will surely leave you dazzled, it has a magnificent view over the Atlantic Ocean, Câmara de Lobos and Funchal.
Until 2003, the fields located at the bottom of the escarpment were only accessible by boat, there is currently an elevator that allows you to descend to the fajãs in addition to access by sea. This is for sure a place not to fail on your visit.

Mercado dos Lavradores

This is an emblematic site in Funchal, here you will find several tropical fruits typical of Madeira, you can also get to know a great variety of vegetables, and of course, you’ll not miss a visit to the famous fishmonger of the market where you will find a variety of typical fish in Madeiran gastronomy. Visiting this place will bring you a compilation of ingredients commonly used in Madeiran gastronomy.


Wicker Exhibition in Camacha

Photo By Sarang

Camacha is one of the most well-known villages in Madeira island. Widely known internationally for its handicrafts, namely for its Wickerwork, and for its Folklore.
It is also the place where football was first played in Portugal in 1875.

Camacha is considered the cultural capital of Madeira, by the number of existing Folk and Ethnographic Groups, by the variety of musicians, their knowledge and songs.

Natural Pools of Porto Moniz

The Natural Pools of Porto Moniz are the main attraction of the village of Porto Moniz. Its natural beauty is breathtaking, bathed by the salt water of the ocean, these pools are composed of volcanic rocks where the sea comes in naturally and provides a fantastic spectacle, you’ll be hypnotized! Even though, this beach is equipped with all the comforts present in a resort complex. You will surely be amazed by its natural beauty, with the symbiosis of the sea with the natural rocks.

Curral das Freiras

Curral das Freiras

The area of Curral das Freiras is located in the depth of a valley, surrounded by high mountains. It is a magical place that will surely make you feel inside a movie screen. This small valley is one of the most beautiful panoramas on the island, and of course, it is one of the most visited places by tourists, because of its beauty.

Here you will also find the traditional chestnut cakes and even the chestnut soup.

Madeira Island has much to offer, it has increasingly been declared to be the main attraction of the Atlantic, its natural beauty, and the places that are still to be discovered. When visiting the island, we’re always thirsty to return, and whenever we return, we discover everything again, because it is a place that fills our soul.

The island may seem small, but it’s not, and for that we recommend you to rent a car to be able to move freely to the various points of interest mentioned here. And you can do it with all the style and comfort at, do not waste any more time, grab your car and go build unforgettable memories.

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