The Best Non-Touristy Places to Visit in Madeira Island

Let us give you some tips of the best non-touristy places to visit in Madeira Island, the places where the locals go. The top 5 best non-touristy spots where the Madeiran go.

Madeira is known for it’s tourism , there are many fantastic places to visit, restaurants, bars and breathtaking landscapes. If you are looking to really know the life of the Madeiran people, this is the article you were looking for.

5 Non-Touristy places to visit in Madeira Island:

1- Castrinhos – Traditional Drink of Madeira (Poncha)

Os Castrinhos

Source TripAdvisor

When it comes to visiting Madeira, you can’t fail to taste the traditional drink of Madeira the famous Poncha. Along the island there are numerous places where you can find this drink. Although there are currently several variations of this drink, if you want to taste the original version, you have to choose between the Regional or the Fisherman (Pescador). Both are made with Sugarcane Brandy, the Regional is made with honey and orange juice, and the Fisherman (Pescador) with Sugar and lemon juice. If you want to taste the best in the company of the people of Madeira, you should go to the Castrinhos bar, because it is a real Spot of the Madeiran people, here they will also serve you with their Poncha with a “dentinho” of pasta, a snack to accompany the your drink.

2- Enoteca João da Venda – Wines

Enoteca João da Venda - Vinhos

Source TripAdvisor

If you love tasting wines and tapas, this is the ideal place for you, you’ll find it in Campanário, because it is a real Madeiran spot for wines and tapas with an exceptional service and wisdom, the place is distinguished by its traditional decor and by the warm atmosphere. Many Madeiran people look for this space to taste the best wines of Portugal, it also offers you several tapas. This wine shop will surely leave you full of good memories.

3- Preia Mar Restaurant

Restaurante Preia Mar

Source TripAdvisor

Our second suggestion of non-touristy places to visit in Madeira Island is the Enoteca João of the sale. Visiting Madeira island means delighting with Fresh Fish, and of course, shellfish, where you cannot miss the famous Lapas. We suggest you visit the Preia Mar Restaurant in Madalena do Mar. The space is very cozy and the service is fantastic, you will also find an excellent wine list to accompany with your meal. Be sure to visit and get to know this fresh fish pearl. Here, once again you will find a mostly Madeiran audience that considers this place as one of the best restaurants to eat fresh fish. As a suggestion, we recommend you the shellfish pasta (massada de marisco), it’s divine.

4- Abrigo do Pastor Restaurant

Abrigo do Pastor

Source TripAdvisor

This is one of the favorite places of Madeiran people, for its location and for the variety and the quality of the service it offers. Here you will find a space that even if it’s cold or hot it’s always nice to visit. This space is up the Madeiran mountain, it has been restored from a shelter house that quickly became famous for its hunting meals. Many people from Madeira regularly visit this area either for a simple relax in the late afternoon or to spend a weekend day in conviviality with their family and friends. Here you will also find a very cozy atmosphere to the taste of a beautiful Poncha.

5- Paúl do Mar

Paúl do Mar, Ponta do Sol, Madeira

Photo by Dreizung

Paul do Mar is a traditional fishing village, it is also a perfect spot for surfers, and for a fantastic beach day thanks to the warm climate, this is the ideal place to enjoy a beautiful sunset. You will also find a varied offer of restaurants in which their specialty are the fish meals.

Here you will find Madeirans from all over the island concentrated in the “Maktub” area and the “Bar de Pedra” to enjoy the beautiful landscape over the Atlantic and savor the famous mojitos. Do not forget to visit this beautiful village, it will be an experience that will lead you to good memories.

The island of Madeira is increasingly being affirmed as the main attraction of the Atlantic, its natural beauty, and places that are still to be discovered. When you visit the island, you will always be thirsty to come back, it is a place that fills our soul. We only present 5 non-touristy places to visit in Madeira Island, but you can find many more when exploring the island.

The island may seem small, but it’s not, so we recommend you to rent a car, to be able to move to the various points of interest mentioned here. Join your family and friends and you can do it with style and comfort at, but do not forget too, if you driving, taste but do not drink 😉

Do not waste time, grab your car and go build unforgettable memories.

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