10 Best Levada Walks in Madeira for 2022

Madeira is a beautiful island and there are many beautiful levadas where you can walk. In this article, we will show you 10 of the best Levada walks in Madeira. There are obviously many more levadas but here are some of our favourites.

Have a look at our 10 best Levada walks in Madeira.


Levada dos Cedros is a beautiful Levada where you’re surrounded by nature and peace and in the end of it you can see some waterfalls and little lakes and that makes it one of the best levada walks in Madeira. You have a safety railing whenever there is a drop-off so there is no need to fear. The path is very straightforward. This hike has 7,2km and could take about 3 hours.


Levada do Rei is another beautiful place situated in São Jorge and is 5,3 Km in length. You will need around 3:30h to finish it but it is worth it because of the beautiful scenery that you will see. The trail follows the Ribeiro Bonito, at the very end of the path, you will find a giant hidden waterfall where you can sit and relax.


Levada da Ribeira da janela is a big levada because it is 30km long with 9 tunnels. There is a special place in the end of it there is secret place if you go up the ribeira for about a 100 meters you will find a perfect place to rest where there are a lot of little lakes that are made with the surrounding rocks.Bring a raincoat and be ready for an adventure on this canyon hike that offers a relatively flat Levada and even road, for the majority of the route.


Vereda do Fanal is a walk similar to a Levada but with some differences, but still is a very beautiful place to visit and do the walkthrough because of the variety of sights that you will see. It is a 10,8 Km walk and with a duration of 4 hours, it starts in Paul da Serra and ends near Fanal.


Levada dos tornos is situated in Boaventura, it is also one of the biggest levadas and one of the best Levada walks in Madeira. You go through a lot of the island and you walk in the center of the UNESCO laurissilva forest so you can see the beauty of the forest.The trail is moderate in terms of difficulty. It’s not dangerous at all but there are some parts that make it a little interesting. If you go through the whole hike, which is unlikely because the full hike is around 106 km.


Lagoa do vento is situated in Rabaçal. It goes a bit through Levada do Alecrim and there is a part where you reach Lagoa do Vento, one of the most beautiful places on the island. In terms of difficulty, this trail is very safe. There are no moments of danger on this popular route although slippery rocks near the pools and waterfall can be a bit dangerous for some hikers. The Lagoa do Vento is kinda hard to get to but it’s very rewarding. It is around 3,5 km and could take around 2.5h to finish.


Levada do Caldeirão Verde is one of the most popular Levada to take because almost everyone knows about it. It starts in Santana and you get to a place called “Caldeirão” , a lake where only the brave dive into. In this Levada, you can find many rare species of plants. The hike is around 8,7 Km and could take around 5.3h to finish.


Levada Fajã do Rodrigues takes you through some amazing forest paths and many waterfalls. The trail begins quietly beside the levada but it escalates with many tunnel passages. The final destination is a beautiful canyon, which envelops multiple waterfalls. The hike is around 3,9 Km and could take around 3.3h to finish. It is an easy walk but the immersion is perfect.


Levada das 25 Fontes is probably the most popular and one of the easier hikes on the island. As the name suggests, during the hike you will find 25 natural fountains and all the water goes into a pool where you can have a swim, but be careful because the water will be freezing cold. The hike is around 4,3 Km and could take around 3h to finish. It is an easy walk but the immersion is perfect.


Levada Ponta Do Pargo is an amazing coastal hike. In it you will find amazing views of the ocean and depending on the hour you will see the beautiful sunset.As well as the coastal scenery, the trail takes you up into the forest as you follow the Levada, all the time with ocean views. The hike is only around 4 Km so it’s relatively small and it is worth the time.

Levada Ponta Do Pargo

Levada Ponta Do Pargo

Conclusion of the suggestions about the 10 best Levada walks in Madeira

If you read this then I hope you got to understand the island a little bit more and you now know the best Levada walks in Madeira. While you’re here you should think about getting a car so you can go freely around the island so why don’t you check out our website 7M Rent a car and you could see our article about where to stay in Madeira island.


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