What To Visit On Madeira Island In 2 Days In 2020

Knowing what to visit on Madeira Island in 2 days can be an impossible mission for those who have never visited or sought to know about the island.

If you come to Madeira Island on vacation during 2020, and if you only have 2 days to visit all points of interest, this is the right article for you.

This is where you can find a plan for everything you should do during your 2-day vacation on Madeira Island.

What to visit on Madeira Island in 2 days

Day 1: Levada Walk + Madeiran Dinner

Caminhada de Levada na Ilha da Madeira - Image 2

What To Visit On Madeira Island In 2 Days In 2020 – Levada Walk

The levadas walks are one of the best known activities on Madeira Island, and it would be a crime for anyone to visit the island and not take at least one levada route.

For this reason I recommend booking the first day of the visit, to make one of the routes, because these take several hours, and usually, after the route, it is a good idea to rest.

The best place to have access to a complete list of all available Levada routes is on the visitmadeira.ptwebsite. Some of the routes I recommend are:

– PR6.2 (Levada do Alecrim / Rabaçal);
– PR8 (Vareda da Ponta de São Lourenço);
– PR10 (Levada do Furado);
– PR18 (Levada do Rei).

Many other Levadas walks are available, easier ones, more difficult ones, more time, less time, etc… it’s a matter of looking and choosing the one you like the most.

At the end of the day, I recommend visiting one of the several restaurants in Madeira that serve typical dishes of Madeira Island:

– Logging Spied;
– Grilled Lapas;
– Caco Cake;
– Picado Madeiran;
– Cooked Madeiran.

If you don’t know which restaurant to choose, you can use our recommendations tostay on Madeira Island that we’ve talked about in an article before.

Day 2: Tour Pela Ilha + Madeiran Food

Arco de São Jorge na Ilha da Madeira - Imagem 3

What To Visit On Madeira Island In 2 Days In 2020 – Arco de São Jorge

The second day of the visit to Madeira Island should be used to visit places of interest, and of course, taste the various flavors of Madeiran food!

It is possible to rent a car in Madeira and go around the island by car in one day. Another option would be to search for an entertainment and tourism company, and choose an island tour package.

Here are some of the entertainment and tourism companies I recommend, and have excursion services throughout the island of Madeira:

Madeira Adventure Kingdom;
Mountain Expedition;

Throughout the island of Madeira there are certain points that are of mandatory passage! You can’t see and visit everything, but you can visit at least one point of interest in each location. Here are some of the points I recommend:

– Pico Ruivo;
– Pico Areeiro;
– Ponta de São Lourenço;
– Cabo Girão;
– Curral das Freiras;
– Santana;
– Natural pools of Porto Moniz;
– Costa de São Jorge;

I could give many other suggestions, but this list could become too long… anyway, it’s a matter of looking for some images of the locations and going to the places that draw you the most.

Throughout this day trip around the island, you can visit several restaurants and bars, to sample the various delicacies and Madeiran cuisine.

The secret is never to eat too much during a meal, and so you will always have room to taste something else all day long.

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