What to Eat in Madeira island? The typical Madeira dishes you have to taste!

If you have questions about what to eat in Madeira Island, this is the right article for you, with the typical Madeira meals you have to taste.

The Madeiran cuisine is rich in options, and all meals and recipes are super delicious. The only problem will be the time available to taste everything and visit the respective restaurants that serve you the meal.

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6 typical dishes to eat in Madeira Island

1. Espetada Madeirense

What to eat on Madeira Island: Espetada Madeirense

Espetada Madeirense (Photo: Gerritr)

The Espetada Madeirense is a typical dish on the island of Madeira, with origins in the Strait of Câmara de Lobos.

The meat is cut into cubes, seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and laurel, and then grilled on the skeet of Laurel sticks. Despite the tradition of using a laurel stick as a skewers, in the restaurants are used iron or aluminum spikes.

2. Grilled Limpets

What to eat on the island of Madeira: grilled limpets

Grilled Limpets (Photo: Thomas Schoch)

The grilled limpets consist of seasoned and grilled limpets in the shell itself, usually consumed as inlet.

These are served on the grill where they are prepared, and served still warm. In Madeira Island, garlic and butter constitute the main ingredients of the seasoning.

3. Bolo do Caco

Bolo do Caco

What to eat on Madeira Island: Bolo do Caco (Photo: Stephen Colebourne)

The bolo do caco can be found both on the island of Madeira and on the island of Porto Santo. It is a wheat bread consumed as entrée, accompaniment or as main delicacy.

It is used in the making of sandwiches, based on the cake of the Caco and the most varied fillings, such as steaks (nail on the cake of the Caco), ham, swordfish, octopus, etc.

4. Picado Madeirense

What to eat on Madeira island: Picado Madeirense

Picado Madeirense

The Picado Madeirense is another traditional dish of the Madeira archipelago, usually prepared with diced beef sliced, fried and seasoned with garlic and pepper.

It is usually served on a platter with French fries, and shared by several people, who serve the same dish with a toothpick or with a fork.

5. Cozido Madeirense

Cozido Madeirense

What to eat on Madeira Island: Cozido Madeirense (Photo: Schnobby)

Cozido can be considered a culinary technique as a main dish in Portugal and Brazil.

The method of preparation goes through cooking slowly over low heat, and is usually a dish composed of vegetables, fish, meats and cooked sausages.

6. Carne Vinha D’alhos

What to eat on the island of Madeira: Carne Vinha D'alhos

Carne Vinha D’alhos

Carne Vinha D’alhos is a typical Christmas dish on Madeira Island, originating in Minho.

It is made with pork, white wine, vinegar, garlic, laurel, segurelha, salt and pepper, and let marinate for at least two days. Then it’s cooked in the marinade itself.

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