Top 7 Viewpoints In Madeira Island For All Tourists

Anyone likes to enjoy a good view or feel at the top of the world. Fortunately, the viewpoints are just that. If you are planning to visit Madeira or if you are curious about the views that the volcanic island has to offer, you are in the right place.

In this article, you will discover the 7 best viewpoints on the island, be they in the middle of mountains, to admire the famous Cristiano Ronaldo Airport runway, to contemplate a city inserted in the middle of a valley or to feel at the top of the world from so high that will be.

For nature lovers, cities, adrenaline or airplanes… Discover the 7 best viewpoints in Madeira Island for all tourists.

1. Rocha do Navio Viewpoint

1. Rocha do Navio Viewpoint

1. Rocha do Navio Viewpoint (Credits: Wikipedia)

At the top of our podium is the Rocha do Navio Viewpoint in Santana. Here you can count on an incredible view to a cliff majestically combined with the Atlantic Ocean.

In this incredible setting, you can also see a waterfall and a pebble beach (like the many on the island of Madeira). It also has a cable car that takes the most adventurous to the bottom of the cliff. There, you can soak up the sun on the pebble beach or take a somewhat challenging trail.

However, there is a greater reason for the Rocha do Navio Viewpoint to occupy the 1st place in our Top 7: peace! Here, guaranteed, you will feel an incredible connection with the Nature that surrounds you and with the power that it has for being able to build such a splendid scenario.

If you like to meditate or simply take a few minutes out of your day to take a deep breath and feel the fullness of peace, the Rocha do Navio Viewpoint is the ideal place.

2. Balcões Viewpoint

2. Balcões Viewpoint

2. Balcões Viewpoint (Credits: Wikipedia)

The viewpoints where we can admire the beauty of a masterpiece of Nature are unmistakably the best. That said, what occupies the 2nd place in our Top 7 is the Miradouro dos Balcões, in Ribeiro Frio.

This viewpoint is peculiar, as you can’t get there any other way than on foot. However, it is not a very challenging trail. It is recommended for all ages and reaches the viewpoint in 30 or 45 minutes, depending on your pace.

Although the view is more charming when there are no clouds in the sky, any day is a good opportunity to get to know this little corner in the pearl of the Atlantic.

Believe that the peace that you will feel here will make you forget any negative thoughts you may have. Worth it!

3. Pico do Facho Viewpoint

3. Pico do Facho Viewpoint

3. Pico do Facho Viewpoint

Do you remember reading at the beginning of the article about viewpoints overlooking a city in the middle of a valley? Here it is: Pico do Facho viewpoint.

This one stands out not only for the breathtaking view of the city of Machico, but also for the view of part of the airport runway (but if you are an aviation lover, take it easy – we tell you which is the best viewpoint to take off landings among the next).

Be it day or night, the Pico do Facho viewpoint deserves to be visited. You will feel like king or queen of the world, on top of it. Have you written down your script yet?

4. Cabo Girão Viewpoint

4. Cabo Girão Viewpoint

4. Cabo Girão Viewpoint (Credits: Wikipedia)

If you liked what you read about feeling like king or queen of the world, we have another suggestion for you. To further improve this feeling, it is perfect for those who love adrenaline. The Cabo Girão Viewpoint is the perfect combination of breathtaking views, perfect height and a small feeling of adrenaline guaranteed.

This viewpoint stands out so much from the others by the glass platform it has there. When you put your foot on the platform, you may feel a chill in your belly (it is the feeling of adrenaline that we talked about).

If you don’t like heights, don’t worry … just step on the platform if you want. You can perfectly admire the view without moving to the glass part.

In this viewpoint, you will be able to admire the immensity of the sea and, probably, you will feel the vastness of our planet that we inhabit.

5. Pináculo Viewpoint

5. Pináculo Viewpoint

5. Pináculo Viewpoint (Credits: Wikipedia)

To add to your list of ‘‘ feel at the top of the world ’’, we now present you the Pináculo viewpoint. Here, you can count on an incredible view over the capital of Madeira, Funchal.

It’s easy to get there, it’s on the side of the road (note that the space to stop the car is not very big), and it’s a fantastic place to take that mythical photo to update your followers on social networks, and say that you’ve reached the Funchal.

The Pináculo viewpoint is, as its name indicates, in a pinnacle, which contributes to this feeling of being on top of the world.

This viewpoint is, without a doubt, the best to appreciate the beauty and all the corners of the city of Funchal. You don’t want to lose.

6. Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse Viewpoint

6. Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse Viewpoint

6. Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse Viewpoint (Credits: Wikipedia)

Are you rendered only by the image? Believe that personally it is even better. The Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse Viewpoint is breathtaking and is also the ideal place to contemplate the sunset.

A natural aspect of the island of Madeira, but still curious, is that the sun rises and sets on the sea (it is not surprising, since the island is surrounded by the sea). It is born on the east side (side of Caniçal, Santa Cruz) and stands on the west side – side of Ponta do Pargo. Have you noticed why this viewpoint is perfect for watching the sunset?

In addition, Ponta do Pargo is the western limit of the volcanic island, that is, it is literally the tip of the island. Having this notion makes the Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse Viewpoint even more magical.

7. Rosário Viewpoint

7. Rosário Viewpoint

7. Rosário Viewpoint

Remember the reference to the best viewpoint to see take-offs and landings at Cristiano Ronaldo Airport? This is the one that occupies number 7 on our list: Miradouro do Rosário.

Madeira airport is known worldwide for its challenging landings, thanks to the cross winds that are felt in Santa Cruz. That is why this viewpoint is fantastic for watching them happen … or not. It is very likely to see planes trying to land and then taking off again before the wheels touch the runway. It’s just a normal day at Cristiano Ronaldo Airport.

If you prefer to stop for a coffee and enjoy the work of the pilots sitting, next to the viewpoint there is a bar – Pub Santa Maria. Aviation lover or not, anyone – including children – will love the feeling of this viewpoint.

You’ve read about the views, now come see them!

Now that you know the 7 best viewpoints in Madeira Island, let’s make your selection. We made sure to include viewpoints for all tastes – for those who like nature, the city, airplanes, or even for those who like adrenaline.

Want a better challenge? Do not make any selection! Visit all these viewpoints and see the sensations we describe here. Good views!

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