TOP 5 Places of Interest in Madeira Island to Visit on New Year 2020

The various places of interest in Madeira Island, attract to the region several visitors and residents of countries around the world, throughout the year, in order to take advantage of several cultural traditions lived on the islands, which include the various gastronomic traditions, attractions tourist features of the region, as well as traditional music from Madeira Island.

At the end of the year, which occurs just after the most desired time of the year, Christmas, several Portugueses and tourists travel to Madeira Island to enjoy the unique days that the New Year offers to residents and non-residents of the region. Given this, below you will find the top 5 of the various places of interest that you will find on the island, especially in this festive season, which is the end of the year.

By getting to know these places on Madeira Island better, you will find several reasons to visit the region at the end of 2020

1. Accommodation with a view of the Pyrotechnic Show in the Region

1. Accommodation with a view of the Pyrotechnic Show in the Region

1. Accommodation with a view of the Pyrotechnic Show in the Region

The Madeira Island is a tourist area, which has all the conditions to be provided you a stay memorable, in which integrate the various types of accommodation in the area. In this festive season that celebrates the end of the year 2020 and the beginning of the year 2021, you can find in the region, several holiday programs in various hotels, enjoying an unforgettable experience.

In the downtown area, you will find several hotels that, through a unique stay, with a meal prepared especially for this special time of the year and a unique moment provided by Funchal’s New Year’s firework display, will make you want to repeat this unique experience, in the next year.

At the 5-star hotel, Savoy Palace, you can find the perfect accommodation for your New Year’s Eve stay, where you will enjoy the program offered for your New Year’s Eve, which includes dinner and gala, starting at 6:30 pm afternoon, which will last until 01:00 in the morning. On the other hand, the Pestana CR7 hotel, located by the sea, where you can enjoy good moments of relaxation and fun, through this magnificent stay. In addition, present an offer for the New Year, especially, can enjoy the fireworks display from the hotel and enjoy the first breakfast 2021.

Another city hotel, located on Madeira Island, is The Vine Hotel, which with its elegant urban design and with a magnificent view over the entire bay of Funchal, offers the perfect accommodation for your stay, as well as the perfect place to attend the New Year’s fireworks display, where you can enjoy the program prepared for this special season.

In addition to these accommodation offers, you will be able to find many others, being able to enjoy a magnificent stay, taking advantage of the 2020 New Year program.

2. Traditional Restaurants

2. Traditional Restaurants

2. Traditional Restaurants

The various Madeiran cultural traditions, namely the local cuisine, are one of the main reasons for the arrival of several visitors throughout the year, to the region. With many traditional dishes, made – up using the various regional products stand out, several restaurants need to know in your visit to the Madeira Island.

In the various areas of Madeira Island, you will find several rustic restaurants, which serve the traditional espetada de carne de vaca em pau de louro, as well as the bolo do caco with butter and garlic, the regional poncha, among others. That said, you can choose the Restaurante As vides or Restaurante Santo António , with several traditional dishes, located in the north of the island, among other options in various areas of the region.

In downtown Funchal, you can find also some restaurants in the old town, such as the Restaurant Santa Maria, serving various traditional dishes, including those mentioned above and also the Poncha regional the Madeiran people, at the Venda Velha Bar. You will also find, along this route through the city of Funchal, the Bela 5 Snack Bar, where you will enjoy the best hamburgers in bolo do caco, as well as several homemade regional dishes.

These are places of interest in madeira to anyone who travels to this destination, at any time of the year, however, you can find at this festive time of the year, a good reason to visit the island.

3. Illuminations in Baixa Citadina and Anfiteatro do Funchal

3. Illuminations in Baixa Citadina and Anfiteatro do Funchal

3. Illuminations in Baixa Citadina and Anfiteatro do Funchal

The Christmas season is a time of year much desired by the Madeiran population, who see it as an opportunity to socialize and enjoy the various cultural traditions lived in the region. Given this, every year several illuminations referring to this very special time, for the Madeiran people, are placed in the downtown city and amphitheater of Funchal.

The Christmas tradition in the region encompasses not only a gastronomy dedicated to the period, but also several illuminations through the streets of the city of Funchal, which take several Madeiran citizens and visitors every year to visit them. This regional tradition, starts on December 1st and ends on January 10th, which allows citizens to enjoy this unforgettable experience with their family and friends, until the following year.

In the lighting of the current year, 2020, new and innovative lighting are present, using advanced technology, aiming to improve the Christmas experience of all residents and visitors of Madeira Island. This tradition continues to attract several citizens to the low city of Funchal, revealing itself to be a place with several unique experiences, which you cannot miss, on your visit to the region, this end of year.

This is a tradition that has been going on for several years and which attracts countless visitors to the region, as well as several portuguese citizens who do not reside on Madeira Island, and Madeirans who reside or not in the region. These are sights of Madeira that, will not want to miss this time so special, where you can enjoy relax and hang out with your family.

4. Placa Central of Avenida Arriaga

4. Placa Central of Avenida Arriaga

4. Placa Central of Avenida Arriaga

The Placa Central of Avenida Arriaga is composed by christmas grocery stores, which attract many islanders and visitors to the lower town of Funchal. In this special and festive season, which is Christmas and the end of the year, Madeiran citizens increasingly seek to get together with families and friends. Given this, they look for the central sign, in which they can enjoy an ambient sound, concert hall, ethnographic exhibitions and live painting.

At the Christmas market, you will be in contact with the various regional products, with handicrafts, regional cuisine characteristic of this Christmas season, as well as with the regional plants and fruits and the well-known cane honey produced in the region. Given the current pandemic situation, you can only purchase these products for take away, enjoying this unique gastronomic experience, in the comfort of your home.

Through this Christmas tradition, you will get to know the various products produced in the region, as well as the traditional Madeiran culture, which will make your year end memorable. In addition, after the New Year’s fireworks display, residents and visitors, frequent the placa central, to try out the various regional ponchas, getting to know the various places of interest in Madeira Island.

5. New Year’s Eve Fireworks Show in Funchal

5. New Year's Eve Fireworks Show in Funchal

5. New Year’s Eve Fireworks Show in Funchal

The New Year’s Eve Pyrotechnic Show in the city of Funchal is the event with the greatest demand from visitors, who travel to Madeira Island, in order to experience this unique and memorable moment, which marks the passage from one year to another.

This show makes this season special for all Madeirans who have a tradition of making this transition from year to year, in family and among friends, encouraging a family life that is not always possible throughout the year.

The Show Fireworks this year, will have a duration of 8 minutes, the fireworks will be distributed over 52 stations burning fire, located in the city of Funchal, 5 posts in the sea and 2 stations on the Porto Santo Island. This being one of the biggest events in the region, recognized worldwide and being present in the Guinness Book of Records, as “The biggest firework show in the world”, attracts several visitors and residents from various parts of the world to the region country and the world.

You will be able to experience this unique moment, in various areas of Madeira Island, namely, viewpoints in the city of Funchal, city hotels, in the downtown pier, on the sea wolf ship and you will also be able to watch online streaming, on the canalnaminhaterra .tv or, on television, through the live broadcast on RTP Madeira.

Do not miss this opportunity to watch a dream New Year!

These places of interest on Madeira Island provide a unique experience, at any time of the year, however, the end of the year is the event of the year that attracts more visitors to the region.

When you get to know these places of interest on Madeira Island, you will be experiencing an enriching experience on several levels, in which you will make your visit to Madeira Island a memorable one. You can choose accommodation that meets your expectations, enjoy the wonderful regional cuisine, observe the various illuminations characteristic of this time and learn more about the customs of Madeiran culture. Finally, you can experience the most beautiful show of the year, new the places of interest in madeira.

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