Top 5 Maritime Activities To Experience On Madeira Island

With regard to entertainment, Madeira Island is rich in activities, including activities at sea. Here are 5 of the best maritime activities on Madeira Island.

Activities at sea on Madeira Island

1. Diving

Diving On Madeira Island

Diving On Madeira Island

Madeira is one of the most privileged places in Europe for diving. Here you will find several schools and businesses that help you have an unforgettable underwater experience.

2. Cetacean Observation

Cetacean observation on Madeira Island

Cetacean observation on Madeira Island

Come to Madeira and get to know about some of the 28 species of cetaceans that inhabit or visit these waters. Who knows if they won’t get a chance to swim along with the dolphins?

3. Boat Trips

Boat Trips on Madeira Island

Boat Trips on Madeira Island

Take a boat ride in the Madeira Archipelago and enjoy the landscape beauty of these islands. On this trip you can spot various marine species and take a relaxing beach day.

4. Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing on Madeira Island

Sport Fishing on Madeira Island

Come and beat your personal sport fishing record in the admirable waters of the Atlantic, where in addition to migratory routes, you will also find several species of tuna.

5. Surf

Surfing on Madeira Island

Surfing on Madeira Island

Known as the Atlantic Hawaii, the Madeira Archipelago brings together all the necessary conditions to get you to climb the adrenaline while surfing in its excellent waves!

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