Top 5 Extreme Sports In Madeira Island To Know For Your Next Visit To The Island

Extreme sports in Madeira Island are very popular, because it meets the necessary conditions for the practice of this type of sport. You can choose between the activities carried out on land to the activities in the air and at sea, depending on the sport that you like the most.

If you like adrenaline, you can live this adventure on your next vacation on the island, always using the help of a professional and the right places for the practice of this type of sport. Below are five radical activities that will provide you a unique experience, full of adrenaline.

Venture out with this top 5 and live the adrenaline of playing extreme sports in Madeira Island

1. Paragliding

1. Paragliding

1. Paragliding

Paragliding is one of the most attractive extreme sports in Madeira Island. With the perfect characteristics for the practice of this activity, the island is highly sought by residents and visitors.

In addition to the adrenaline that this sport gives you, you can also enjoy the entire natural landscape of the island while living this adventure, which is a great experience especially for lovers of nature and adrenaline. So, you need a simple, sporty and comfortable equipment, water and snacks, as well as sunscreen and a professional who can provide the necessary guidance on safe practice of this activity. That said, this radical activity will have a cost of 80.00 euros per person and a duration of approximately 2 hours, in which 15 to 20 minutes will be flight, depending on the atmospheric conditions. Children under the age of 16 cannot participate in this activity.

In case you have no experience, you can request the presence of a pilot who accompanies you during the activity and ensures that it is carried out safely. In addition, you can make the jump to several locations on the island, particularly in Porto da Cruz, nos prazeres, Pico da Cruz or Madalena do Mar viewpoint, in Ponta do Sol.

With the practice of paragliding, you will be able to enjoy a unique moment, in which you observe the morphological characteristics of the island, visually reaching the central and coastal area of ​​the island, enjoying a moment of adrenaline and euphoria. If this is the adventure you have not yet experienced, you cannot let it go without experiencing it. If it is not their first contact with the radical activity, you can experience it again, since this, always give you an unforgettable moment that will make you want to repeat in the future.

2. Mountain Bike (MTB)

2. Mountain Bike (MTB)

2. Mountain Bike (MTB)

With the Montain Bike you can make several routes and experience in various environments and in a mild climate, which the island provides, the best of this radical activity. The island has all the conditions for mountain biking and, therefore, you can go through different trails and feel the adrenaline in each route.

Along the routes you will see the natural characteristics of the island, which reveal all the beauty and mysteries it has, which will make the route even more interesting and will result in an increase in demand from residents and visitors. In addition, along the route you can see beautiful waterfalls, different species, as well as paths with uneven ground, in which you will have to face some obstacles, making this route more interesting.

This is one of the most practiced sports on Madeira Island, the adrenaline rush of mountain biking, allows you to live a true adventure on wheels. You can practice in several areas of the island and at any time of the year, if you follow all the measures for safety and, there is no danger for you or for others.

About the equipment used in the practice of this activity, the use of a helmet, glasses and the use of appropriate clothing are recommended, so that the route is carried out safely. That said, you can rent a bike or motorcycle and start your journey.

3. Climbing

3. Climbing

3. Climbing

Climbing is one of the extreme sports that requires greater physical capacity, even if you practice climbing for beginners. That said, on Madeira Island, you can practice various types of climbing in different locations. You must be adequately equipped and, if you are going to practice this sport for the first time, you should look for a professional to accompany you.

This activity includes four types of climbing, namely, the climbing for beginners, the Coastal Climbing, being carried out at the eastern tip of the island, the Mountain Climbing where you can climb the top of the encumeada and the Bica da Cana and, the Pro Picos, where you can visit the 3rd highest point on the island, Pico Cidrão. With a cost of approximately 60.00 euros, you can live this adventure, on the basaltic rocks of the Madeira archipelago, exploring various terrains in which you can practice this radical activity.

You can choose the most suitable area on the island to make your climb, enjoying the beautiful landscape that this provides. For the brave who do not suffer from vertigo, this is a unique experience that will leave you with good memories and the desire to repeat the experience.

4. Paintball

4. Paintball

4. Paintball

Paintball is the radical activities it offers more dynamic and the opportunity to practice an extreme sport with one group of friends or family. This sport is practiced in a group, in which two teams are defined who, with the appropriate equipment, must hit their opponents with paint balls in order to eliminate them. Paintball’s goal is to reach the flag in the middle of the field and take it to the opponent’s base, winning the game.

The practice of this sport lasts for half a day and costs approximately € 18.00 per group, with a minimum of 10 people. In addition, a marker, mask, waistcoat, suit, insurance and 200 balls are provided on site, and you should bring boot type sneakers with you to protect your ankles. You can also carry out the activity both in the morning and in the afternoon, within the hours provided by the company that is providing the service.

Children can also practice this radical activity, if they are aged between 8 and 16 years, the activity is adapted to these, since they are more fragile. Given this, the balls used during the activity have a more fragile capsule, adapted to the children’s age, thus guaranteeing their safety. In addition, the price of the pack for children is 17.00 euros.
This is a sport that generates a lot of demand throughout the year and is recommended to all people who like to live a good adventure and moments of adrenaline. In this sport, the safety of the group is guaranteed, as well as the constant fun and dynamics throughout the activity.

5. Surf

5. Surf

5. Surf

Surfing is a sport much practiced in Madeira, since presents the conditions suitable for the practice of this extreme sport. They can practice both adults and children and, given the island’s subtropical climate, you can practice throughout the year. Moreover, surfing has some stages, beginning with learning beginners, they are transmitted by surf instructors, some techniques that are able to balance on the board, and pratice safely. Classes have a minimum duration of 2 hours and include the necessary material to practice the activity.

You can choose to have private lessons with an instructor, with a program tailored to your needs, allowing for faster progression. Also, you can choose to buy the surf lessons package, which will have a cost adapted to the program that each individual needs.

If you need a training and surfing guide to find a good place to surf, you can request one. The guide includes the technical material so that you can surf safely, among other things. Each session with the guide has a cost of approximately 100.00 euros, but it will guarantee a good place to practice this extreme sport and also your safety.

Surfing is one of the extreme sports that requires some physical capacity and some training, even though good waves are necessary, so that everything is possible. Classes and practice are essential to lead you to success. On the island you will find some areas for safe surfing, such as Jardim do Mar, Paul do Mar, Porto da Cruz, among others. You will also find some schools that have made this experience possible and unforgettable. In addition, this sport provides you with a moment of relaxation, while gliding on big waves.

Extreme sports in Madeira Island bring adrenaline and great adventures to your life!

You cannot miss this unique experience of playing extreme sports and bringing some adrenaline and adventure to your life. On Madeira Island you can find several companies that will help you make this experience real. Take advantage of this top 5 to get to know the world of adrenaline lovers better, who knows if you won’t be part of it.

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