Top 5 Boat Trips On The Madeira Island Coast That You Will Love In 2021

Madeira Island offers you several boat trips along the coast of the island, where you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and natural species of the island. When you’re visiting Madeira Island, you cannot miss this unique experience of getting to know the entire coast of the island, through unforgettable boat trips.

During boat trips, you can dive, enjoying the clear water and the marine species of the island, as well as the magnificent landscape that it provides. Below are discriminated the boat trips around the coast of the island, which you can not miss.

Discover the several boat trips on the Madeira Island Coast

1. Bonita da Madeira

4. Bonita da Madeira

4. Bonita da Madeira

Bonita da Madeira provides the ideal tour for nature lovers. The tour to the beautiful bays starts with the visit to Machico, then the Baia d’Abra, where you can swim and enjoy a good meal on board. On this caravel can also enjoy the company of the marine species of the island, such as whales, dolphins and turtles and, yet, a visit to the Desert Islands, which are located 15 miles southeast of Madeira Island.

In the Desertas Islands, you can find several species, including, it is the natural habitat of a colony of sea wolves. In this nature reserve, you will find too several rare birds that reside on the islands, which will make this tour unforgettable. You can also dive in the sea, enjoying a relaxing moment, along with a good meal served for lunch. So, together with the tour guide, you will meet the island in detail.

The tour in the Bonita da Madeira Caravel will cost 45 euros for adults, 22.50 euros for child’s, aged between 5 and 12 years old, and for babies the trip is free. In addition, this trip is performed for half a day and maybe the morning or afternoon and, on two different days of the week.

In case the weather conditions are not good to the tour, it may be canceled for security. In Bonita da Madeira Caravel, you can enjoy what nature has to good, taking advantage of a good time of fellowship, enjoying of a tasty meal, knowing the marine species and enjoying the scenery that the tour provides.

2. Sea Born Catamaran

1. Sea Born Catamara

1. Sea Born Catamara

The trip on the Catamaran Sea Born, provides you with a comfortable and stable ride, while observing the marine species and the beautiful landscape of the island’s coast. The tour lasts half a day, so that you can enjoy the route peacefully and watch the dolphins, whales and turtles. The Sea Born is a catamaran with 23 meters long and has a capacity for 98 passengers on board.

This tour has a cost of approximately 30.00 euros per person with the exception of children from 5 to 12 years old, who pay 15.00 euros and the babies not pay for the trip. This route is recommended especially in the summer, since with the presence of a sunny day it is easier to observe marine species and, the landscape will leave you amazed. In addition, trips may be subject to cancellations if weather conditions do not allow the route to be taken safely.

The trip can be made in the morning or in the afternoon, and on some boats there is a sound system and bar service, so you can enjoy the magnificent view while you drink or eat something. Take this tour to learn more about the Madeira Island, as well as species that are part of the natural heritage and take place this tour in the summer, take the time to dive in and live a unique experience and the relaxing time that this course provides.

3. Santa Maria Caravel

2. Santa Maria Caravel

2. Santa Maria Caravel

Santa Maria Caravel offers you a boat trip aboard a pirate ship, a replica from the Christopher Columbus ship, along the coast of Madeira Island, where you will observe some marine species, such as dolphins and whales.

This tour lasts 3 hours and will cost approximately 35.00 euros for adults and 17.50 euros for children, from 4 to 12 years old. Also, during the trip it will be offered honey cake and a Madeira wine tasting, so you can get to know Madeira’s culture better and enjoy the beautiful landscape along the route.

On this trip you can watch dolphins, turtles and whales and, on sunny days it becomes easier to identify these marine species and dive into the ocean. So, although the tour is recommended in the summer, with the island’s subtropical climate, you can do the tour at any time of the year, as long as weather conditions allow it, safely.

This route is along the southern coast of the island, and the destination is the Cabo Girão, where you can make a stop to dive, performing the tour during the summer. You can also enjoy a magnificent landscape during the tour, which covers the entire coast of Madeira Island. This will be a tour that will bring you good memories in the future and that you will certainly want to repeat.

4. Calcamar Ship

3. Calcamar Ship

3. Calcamar Ship

The Calcamar Ship is specially prepared to visit several locals with marine species, where you can also observe the island’s nature in a unique way.

The route is made from Machico to the Ponta de São Lourenço. Leaving Machico, travel the entire coast of the island to the Ponta de São Lourenço and return to the marina of Machico. Also, during the tour on the Calcamar Ship, there is a stop for diving and swimming, in which you can enjoy a moment of relaxation, which this route provides.

This tour lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes and the biggest attraction is the visit to Ponta de São Lourenço, the island’s natural heritage. For adults will cost 25.00 euros and for the child’s, from 4 to 11 years old, are 12.50 euros. You can make this trip in the morning and, if the weather conditions permit.

Throughout this tour, you will appreciate the beautiful landscapes that the island’s nature provides you, as well as diving with different species. This tour aims to provide you with a unique experience that you will remember in the future on this ship.

5. Oceansee

5. Oceansee

5. Oceansee

The Oceansee is a maritime tourism company that emerged in 2017 and has several experiences, in which you can enjoy. Since the observation of dolphins and whales from a boat ride, the ride ‘s catamaran with the same purpose. This maritime company also offers a private boat tour for a group of 12 people or personalized ride’s for each client, according to their preferences.

This trips are for all people, especially those who like adrenaline and speed, and the nature and wildlife. From the several experiences, you can choose the one that best suits what you are looking for and make the most of it. Observing the different marine species, as well as the various landscapes that you will find along the tour, will make this a unique experience.

The speedboat ride to watch dolphins and whales lasts 2 hours and can be done in the morning and in the afternoon, with a maximum of 12 people. Talking about prices, adults pay 45.00 euros, children from 6 to 11 years pay 30.00 euros and for babies are free. Reservations must be made by calling or online and, in case the weather conditions are not favorable, the trip may be canceled, in which case will be rescheduled or will be made to reimburse.

If there is a minimum of 4 people taking the tour, a 10% discount is made.

The private boat ride for 12 people, it also lasts 2 hours, but the cost per person is relatively higher, reaching 300 euros per person. With a maximum of 12 people per trip, you can see dolphins and whales, and in case the weather not being favorable, will be rescheduled or will be made to reimburse. You must report to the Funchal Marina 15 minutes before departure.

The catamaran ride for observing dolphins and whales, which was cited above as trip number one. And finally, the possibility of a personalized boat trip, as requested by the customer.

The OceanSee is a company that defends the satisfaction, comfort and customer safety, as a priority. Also, in any of the experiences offered by the company, the observation of marine species is guaranteed and the presence of a guide certified by the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation too.

Do not miss this unique experience to know the Madeira Island Coast in a beautiful boat trip!

These tours will make your stay on Madeira Island unique. Through these boat trips on the Madeira Island coast, you can enjoy a moment of relaxation, while enjoying a good meal on board and, watching the magnificent marine species, as well as the beautiful landscape that the island offers.

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