Top 5 Best Madeira Drinks To Know In Your Next Trip To Madeira Island

With the diversity of madeira drinks available to residents and visitors, you can enjoy these regional products, while enjoying some appetizers that accompany this moment. There are several typical drinks along the Madeira Island, which do not go unnoticed and are known worldwide, such as the regional poncha of Madeira.

Below, only five regional drinks will be represented, however, there are other madeira drinks that you will find in various areas of the archipelago. These are drinks to be consumed in the morning, in the afternoon or at the end of the day, as not all drinks have an alcoholic component.

Come and discover the typical drinks of Madeira Island

1. Poncha da Madeira

The Poncha of Madeira Island coolest is one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages in the region, either by residents or by visitors. This attracts several visitors throughout the year, every year, to various areas of the region, to enjoy this magnificent typical madeira drinks, which represents the culture of the region.

The traditional poncha of Madeira is produced from the rum of the Madeira, which represents a selection of sugar canes and is carefully distilled. Lemons and oranges are added to the drink to make it a drink that is neither too sweet nor too acidic.

This is a drink that consists of a specific process until it is finished, using a utensil produced also in the region, which allows a smooth mixture of all selected ingredients. Furthermore, it features an affordable price and great quality in any of the restaurants or bars that sell the typical Poncha, in the Madeira Island.

2. Pé de Cabra

The Pé de Cabra is an alcoholic beverage coming from the Madeira. This is one of the madeira drinks that is highly appreciated by several residents of the region, who travel throughout the year, to the highest areas of the municipality of Câmara de Lobos, city where the typical madeiran drink was created, to enjoy the combination of flavors that this drink provides.

The Pé de Cabra has an intense flavor, since it is composed of dry wine, dark beer, sugar, powdered chocolate and lemon peels. Despite this, the flavors complement each other and offer a unique consumption experience to all who consume this drink, enjoying its characteristics.

This tradicional drink of the câmara de lobos, mostly is served in typical “eating houses” in the region. In addition, other well-known traditional madeira drinks were also developed in this municipality, which lead several residents to travel to this region of the island to appreciate all the characteristics of this alcoholic drink.

3. Nikita

The Nikita is a typical madeira drink that can be consumed with alcohol or not, but its traditional composition comprises, white wine or beer, and the white beer, used . In addition, this traditional drink also contains ice cream, sugar and slices of pineapple or other fruit, composing a creamy and tasty texture.

This drink is also traditional in the municipality of Câmara de Lobos, just like the Pé de cabra drink, however, it is known and appreciated throughout the archipelago of Madeira. This magnificent tropical drink, originated in 1985 and was inspired by Brazil, where the founder of this alcoholic drink was emigrated.

The number of tourists visiting the Madeira Island, will find throughout the year in various bars and restaurants, this wonderful drink and enjoy the several offer flavors disponibilizad, that he should enjoy the best consumer experience with this drink creamy, typical of Madeira Island.

4. Madeira Wine

The Madeira Wine began production after the discovery of the island. Early on, they’ve made madeiran wine exports in the region, and quickly this became a very apreciad drink to worldwide. The madeira wine results from the fruit of the vines, which are grown in the region, by hand and , on small plots. The region’s characteristic soil and climate, the production process and the type of grape cultivated, favored the unique characteristics of this alcoholic beverage, attracting several visitors to its consumption.

With its complexity of aromas and its differentiating characteristics, this can be a drink to consume at any time of the day. With the rapid increase in demand, four types of Madeira wine were developed, to be enjoyed at various times and according to all tastes.

This wine accompanies some appetizers, whether sweet or savory, or also accompanies soups, depending on the type of wine chosen. This is a consumption experience that you will not want to miss, as it will provide you with unique moments.

5. Cider

The fifth alcoholic drink, Cider, is widely consumed by the Madeiran population. This is a different drink, originating from fermented apple juice, and it is possible to consider it as an apple wine.

This, presents a great and well-known tradition of the Madeira Island, especially in the parish of Santo António da Serra, although, this drink has reduced its appreciation and preservation , due in large part to natural factors. Currently, with the growth of tourism in the region, the comercial of the cider have started to introduce other fruits in this traditional drink, namely, goiaba, pitanga and tomate inglês, arousing the attention and interest of visitors in consuming this alcoholic drink.

This drink can be an alternative to a sweet alcoholic beverage, adapting to every taste, increasing the demand for consumption of this typical Madeiran drink, widely consumed by all genders and age groups.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy all these typical madeira drinks

Madeira Island has several charms, from magnificent landscapes to several other characteristics of this wonderful region. The various drinks typical of Madeira, offer great added value to your stay on the island, being able to consume at various times of the day, as well as, at night.

In this archipelago, you can enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience, which includes enjoying and enjoying several traditional Madeiran drinks, which provide unique moments and an incomparable consumption experience. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful region and enjoy all that it has to offer its visitors.

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