Top 10 Canyoning Routes In Madeira Island For 2021

Madeira Island has the necessary conditions for the practice of canyoning, between the sea and the mountain you will enjoy beautiful landscapes and enjoy the aromas and beautiful routes that nature provides you.

Through the subtropical climate present on the island, canyoning can be practiced at any time of the year. So, just choose the route and acquire the necessary equipment, as well as a professional to accompany you on this adventure.

Come and discover the best canyoning routes in Madeira Island

1. Canyoning in Ribeiro Frio

Ribeiro Frio is one of the best places to practice this sport. Being that, Madeira Island combines the right conditions to practice this sport, you should try canyoning in Ribeiro Frio, since the nature that provides you with magnificent scenery and beautiful waterfalls and refreshing water.

This route is located in the heart of the Laurissilva forest, it is a level 1 route, that is, an easy route, for beginners in the practice of this sport and, it costs 60.00 euros per person. Also, it is performed in the morning and need bathing suit, change of clothes, shoes and sports towel that may be in contact with water. The extra equipment required, such as canyoning boots have a cost.

This canyoning lasts approximately 3 hours and this route must be carried out with a minimum of two people. Also, along this route you will find 6 rap with approximately 18 meters, in which you can test and live a real adventure.

2. Canyoning in Pedra Branca

Canyoning at Pedra Branca has a moderate level of difficulty, presenting itself at the level 3 canyoning route. It has a duration of approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes and can only be done with a minimum of 4 people. So, to practice this canyon, you must prove that you have already done level 2 canyoning.

The canyoning equipment at Pedra Branca is similar to the previous route, as is the cost of extra equipment. Also, there is 10 rap with approximately 50 meters, perfect for those who are used to canyoning and want to participate in another adventure.

The Ribeira da Pedra Branca is located in the North of Madeira Island, more precisely in the municipality of Porto Moniz and has several high waterfalls, with an exit by the sea, as well as a magnificent landscape that nature provides, making this route unforgettable and differentiated. Through this route, you can also get to know the island better and enjoy all that it provides.

3. Canyoning in Ribeira da Hortelã

Canyoning in Ribeira da Hortelã is a route of a higher level than the route in Pedra Branca, being level 4. With its higher degree of difficulty, this should be done by people who have already done level 3 canyoning. Recommended for people who already have some experience in the practice of canyoning, this will be one of the best activities to practice in Madeira Island.

This is a long journey lasting approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes and a maximum rappelling of approximately 55 meters. To this activity are required groups of at least 4 people, fully equipad to take advantage of this incredible experience.

Along the way you will find and appreciate large and beautiful waterfalls, lagoons and a forest that will provide you with an unforgettable landscape and adventure. Given this, you should look for professionals who can guide you, since this route is very demanding, in which you will have a steep climb of 300 meters that will require you to be in good physical shape, so that you can easily reach the end of the route.

4. Canyoning in Ribeira de Cales

This canyoning starts at Chão da Lagoa, in the ecological park of Funchal. It is a level 1 course, which means that it is very easy, being easily done by those who have never practiced canyoning.

Canyoning in Ribeira de Cales lasts approximately 3 hours and can be done during the morning. The equipment to be used is the same as the other canyoning routes and if you need extra equipment, there are costs. Also, along the route you will find 2 rap, with approximately 12 meters.

That said, it will be necessary to overcome some obstacles, rappelling, jumping and swimming, enjoying the clear water of the lagoons, as well as the landscapes that this route provides. Also, this activity level is adequate if you pretend begin in the sport and will experience a unique experience in which you will want to repeat.

5. Canyoning in Ribeira do Lajeado

Canyoning in Ribeira do Lajeado begins on the plateau of Paul da Serra. Along this route, we can appreciate large and beautiful lagoons in which it is possible to make several jumps. Also, when accessing this canyon, you can take the Levada do Alecrim.

This route lasts approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes and costs 80.00 euros per person. Given this, its degree of difficulty is relatively easy, being identified as level 2, suitable for those who have already experienced this activity and want to repeat the practice of this sport.

At Canyoning in Ribeira do Lajeado, you will find magnificent landscapes and, in the hottest months of the year, the flow dries up, being necessary to check if there is availability to make the route. It is also necessary, a minimum of two people, as well as the use of the necessary equipment, mentioned previously on the other routes.

6. Canyoning in Ribeira do Vimieiro

Canyoning in Ribeira do Vimieiro lasts approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes and a level 4 degree, being very difficult. For the realization of this canyon it will be necessary a minimum of 4 people and, the use of specific equipment that you must bring with you to complete the route.

To perform this canyon it is necessary to have performed a level 3 activity, in which the level of difficulty is lower, so that you are prepared for this level of difficulty. You also need to be in good physical shape so that the activity is carried out easily until the end of the route.

The maximum rappel of this route is approximately 60 meters, which requires a great physical effort and for this reason, it is not usually performed by anyone, especially by those who do not practice any physical activity, presenting a sedentary lifestyle.

Along this route you will find a climb of about 300 meters, which requires a great effort físic. Unlike the rest of the canyons, this one is made up of successive waterfalls that require a descent with 300 meters of unevenness in just 500 meters in length. The beauty of the various waterfalls present along the route, as well as the rest of the stunning scenery, will make it a memorable experience.

7. Canyoning in Ribeira do Inferno

Canyoning in Ribeira do Inferno is a journey of approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes, with 27 rappels and a high degree of difficulty. This should not be done during periods of rain, due to falling rocks and the impossibility of finishing the course.

During the activity will find a high waterfall, 42 meters high, in which descend along the way, using the necessary equipment and respecting all safety measures.

The route in Ribeira do Inferno provides beautiful landscapes of the island, as well as the possibility of diving in the clear water lagoons that come from the descent of the waterfalls, which refresh the mind and body. Located in São Vicente, in the north of the island, you can admire everything that the nature of the island offers you.

8. Canyoning in Ribeira do Poço Bezerro

Canyoning in Ribeira do Poço Bezerro, located in the municipality of Machico, is a canyon with a high degree of difficulty, with a duration of approximately 5 hours. In addition, the route has 24 rappels and requires adequate equipment and some physical capacity, since it is a demanding walk.

With the highest waterfall, 53m, you can enjoy the water that falls on the rock, forming beautiful lakes, where you can swim and enjoy what nature has to offer. You will also observe magnificent landscapes until the end of the route which will allow you an unforgettable journey.

There are several ways to reach the Ribeira do Poço Bezerro, although the easiest way is through the entrance to Levada in Ribeiro Frio. This route does not present a risk for people, although the practice of this sport presents a high degree of difficulty. Along the way you will have a unique experience with a lot of adrenaline that will certainly bring you good memories.

9. Canyoning in Ribeira da Cruz

Canyoning in Ribeira da Cruz lasts approximately 7 hours and has a moderate level of difficulty. Given this, the route requires some physical capacity and specific equipment, so that the practice of this sport can be carried out safely, without taking unnecessary risks.

The canyon starts next to the bridge that connects Porto Moniz to Ponta do Pargo at 730 meters of altitude and, along the route, presents 16 rappels, in which you will experience a route full of adrenaline. Also, the highest waterfall is about 70m, where you can descend with the appropriate equipment and enjoy the freshness of the water, as well as the beauty of the lagoon that forms at the end of the waterfall.

Along the walk you can observe a beautiful landscape, as well as a moment of relaxation that will bring you good memories of this unique experience in the future. Since the Madeira Island has the right conditions to practice this sport, this route has added value to it. You can make this route through various accesses, enjoying different landscapes and species.

10. Canyoning in Ribeira Funda

Canyoning in Ribeira Funda is recommended for people looking to have a first contact with large waterfalls, to several magnificent jumps, in which they will experience a moment of adrenaline. Given this, this canyon presents a level of difficulty 3, being necessary for the accomplishment of this activity, the accomplishment of the activity level 2.

This route lasts approximately 4 hours and a minimum of 4 people is required for the route to be completed. Also, the maximum rappel is approximately 60 meters, providing you with some moments of adrenaline.

You should bring the recommended equipment along the way and if you need extra equipment, there will be some costs. In addition, if you already have some experience in canyoning, you will enjoy a great experience, full of adrenaline and perfect for those with an adventurous spirit.

You need to live this experience that canyoning gives you!

Take advantage of your vacation to experience the best canyoning routes and live the unique experience that the practice of this sport gives you. If you are an adventurous person and you like adrenaline, you must know these routes on your next vacation!

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