The Best Characteristics About Madeira Island To Know On Your Next Trip To The Region

There are several features on the Madeira Island that will make your stay unforgettable. From a magnificent landscape that it offers, to the possibility of carrying out various activities and enjoying various regional events. This is a region with a mild temperature almost all year round, being able to visit the beautiful beaches of the island and go on several walks, known as levadas.

With an unmistakable local gastronomy, you can enjoy fresh and tasty regional products, as well as, get to know and become familiar with this passionate culture that involves visitors in a unique and unforgettable adventure. Below you can see some characteristics about madeira island that will take you to participate in this unique experience.

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Mild temperature throughout the year, which allows for various activities

One of the best characteristics of Madeira Island is the mild temperature, almost all year round. With several tourist attractions in the area can not only, enjoy your days on the island to perform various radical activities and other activities, as well as visit the beautiful beaches along the island.

Known for its subtropical climate, the Madeira Island offers a magnificent landscape and several attractions, so that you can enjoy the best that this region has to offer, along with a mild climate favorable to the realization of various extreme sports and other activities .
This average temperature in the region, allows you to make several walking routes that will provide you along your route, a unique natural landscape, as well as, beautiful waterfalls that form a lagoons with clear water, in which you can enjoy its freshness with a dip.

Regional products that originate delicious typical dishes of the region

One of the characteristics that attracts more visitors to Madeira is the local cuisine present in the region. The various regional products you find in the region give rise to delicious dishes that, today, are enjoyed by many people, who visit Madeira Island, looking for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

From starters to main courses and desserts, you can find typical Madeiran dishes and drinks in various restaurants and bars on the island. The well-known bolo do caco with butter and garlic, as well as the lapas grelhadas that are presented in various restaurants as starters. The espetada de carne de vaca em pau de louro or the filete de espada with banana that are displayed as a main dish and, as a dessert, you can enjoy a passion fruit pudding, typical of the region, made with a typical fruit from the region of Madeira.

In addition, you can enjoy various other typical dishes of the region and enjoy the magnificent gastronomic experience that this region offers. This is one of the best features about Madeira Island, which you cannot fail to experience.

Great weather conditions for the practice of radical activities

The presence of a subtropical climate favors the practice of various radical activities on Madeira Island. From surfing, hang gliding, paragliding, climbing, among others, you can practice various activities during your stay in the region. Given the mild climate present on the island, you can choose to take diving lessons, knowing some marine species that inhabit the wood.

With the beautiful nature that the island provides its residents on a daily basis and its visitors, whenever they travel to the region, can slide, climb or hang glide and paraglide, while enjoying the beautiful landscape and enjoying the best features that nature has to offer.

You can enjoy other extreme sports that also provide you with a unique experience that will make you repeat this trip to Madeira, such as canyoning and mountain biking. The favorable climate for these activities attracts several visitors to the region, who are dazzled by everything the island offers its residents and tourists.

Magnificent landscape and characteristic scent of the region

Another characteristic about madeira island is the natural landscape of the region, which adds a wonderful and unmistakable scent. In various areas of the island you can find a characteristic landscape and appreciate what this region has most beautiful.

You can go on several walking routes, very well known in the region, made by residents and, through these, visit the highest peaks of Madeira Island. During these hikes, you will be able to appreciate not only the characteristic scent of the highest areas of the region and the unforgettable landscapes, but also the magnificent waterfalls that form beautiful lagoons along the route of the typical levadas of Madeira Island.

Of the various characteristics offered by the island, nature is the most felt when visiting this region. As you travel the island from one end to the other, you will be able to identify beautiful landscapes that will make this experience a memorable adventure, as well as discover the various scent characteristic of various areas in the region.

Various festive events throughout the year

Madeira Island is a region well known for the events held at different times of the year. Throughout the year, it is possible to highlight several events developed by the region and the arrival of several visitors to enjoy these festive seasons.

The flower festival is one of the events that attracts more visitors to Madeira. They visit the island so they can enjoy the sunny days and get to know the flowers exposed throughout the event, through floral carpets and clothing. Watch the parade and enjoy the beautiful flowers grown in the region.

In summer time, follow the arraiaias das freguesias that attract many residents and visitors so they can enjoy this hot time of year, consuming several regional dishes and drinks and enjoying a good musical moment. On the other hand, Madeira Island presents one of the best pyrotechnic shows in the world, attracting several tourists to the region at the end of the year, to experience this unforgettable moment. In addition to these, there are other events in the region, throughout the year, making Madeira Island the perfect destination to spend your holidays.

Take the opportunity to know everything about Madeira Island on your next visit to the region

There are several aspects about madeira island that you only know when you visit the region and live this experience up close . From gastronomy, walking routes, radical activities, beautiful nature and everything it offers, among many other features that make your stay memorable.

By getting to know Madeira’s culture, you will witness the wonderful characteristics of this population and its cultural habits. In addition to the features mentioned above, you will find many others, which will make your vacation worthwhile.

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