Flower Festival 2020 In Funchal, Madeira Island, Between 30 April and 24 May

This year 2020, the Flower Festival 2020 takes place between April 30 and May 24, having a diverse program that like the past years will dazzle all the locals and visitors of the most beautiful island of the Atlantic.

The Flower Festival 2020 is a tribute to spring, it is a celebration of the rebirth of nature and a celebration of the diversity and abundance of flowers that perfume and beautify the island of Madeira, known for gathering unique and ideal climatic conditions for the flowering of species from tropical regions and cold regions.

In the Flower Festival 2020 as usual, there will be several cultural events throughout the period in which the festival will take place, with a special emphasis on traditions, namely various performances of folk groups from all over the island, the possibility of seeing the construction of the beautiful and impressive floral carpets to exhibitions where stands out, of course, the Flower Exhibition. Parallel to all this, the city will be full of musical concerts and variety shows.

The Flower Festival Program 2020

“Wall of Hope” – Saturday – 2 May

This event that has been held for more than 30 years, will take place this year on Saturday morning, in the Square of the Municipality of Funchal where there will be a Children’s Parade with thousands of children dressed strictly, with the most beautiful flowers in their clothing. In the “Wall of Hope” children will appeal to peace in the world, and with that in mind, they will build the most beautiful mural of flowers. On this day there will also be a start of pigeons and a children’s show.

Allegorical Procession – Sunday – 3 May

This is one of the highest points, if not the highest point of the entire Flower Festival 2020. The streets of the capital of Madeira are filled with people, music and events to receive the Allegorical Procession of The Flower where the floats filled with flowers of multiple species, decorated with panache and splendor delight the eyes of the thousands of people who come fascinate with this parade also composed of thousands of extras, many of them children, where they perform choreographies to the sound of cheerful songs with sumptuous costumes, widely adorned with numerous floral species to delight the gifts.

Parallel Events Program For The Flower Festival 2020

Regional Flower and Flavors Market

At the flower market you can purchase the various species of decorative flowers existing here on the island of Madeira. You will also be able to delight in the regional flavors in the stalls that will be present in this market.

Flower Exhibition

This exhibition takes place in The People’s Square where you can enjoy the most beautiful examples of flowers produced in Madeira by several growers. These flowers are evaluated in their various categories and distinguished the best by a specialized jury.

Floral Rugs and Decorations

Originating in religious manifestations a little throughout the island of Madeira, where the people built, and still today builds these carpets of flowers of an undeniable beauty and minutia in various religious processions, floral carpets have become a artistic manifestation of the flower festival, and in the Flower Festival 2020 these wonderful pieces of art will also be present contributing to the magnificence of the city decorations, whose judicious construction is shared and admired by the tourists who Visit. You will be able to be dazzled by these wonders on the central pedestrian signs of Arriaga Avenue.

Flower Concerts – May 14-17

There will be four musical concerts in emblematic gardens of the island of Madeira with the purpose of decentralizing the festivities and strengthening the offer of animation.

In these events, you will enjoy musical moments of great quality in a setting of unique beauty, surrounded by the diversity of madeiran flora.

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