Columbus Festival in Porto Santo: disembarkation, historic procession and sixteenth century market

It is during the month of September, in the town of Vila Baleira that runs the Columbus Festival in Porto Santo, which seeks to remember the adventure that was the Portuguese discoveries.

The Columbus Festival includes the Columbus Landing, a sixteenth-century market, theatrical performances, Dexterity games, weapons training, acrobatics and juggling, lots of music and exotic dances.

This emblematic festival will take place from 12 to 14 September 2019.

Columbus Festival in Porto Santo from 12 to 14 September 2019

Disembarkation and historic Procession

By nightfall, hundreds of people visit the beach to watch, on the first day of the Festival, the landing and reception to Christopher Columbus.

A replica of the Santa Maria de Colombo caravel brings the navigator and his entourage on a visit to the island of Porto Santo.

The ship is off and the landing is on small boats. As Columbus steps into the sand, the dialogues, courtesies, offerings to the captain, music and dances of the time begin.

Afterwards, the various elements representing the various classes and clergy are joined, and the procession is initiated by the main streets of the island.

Sixteenth century Market

The sixteenth-century market is a recreation of the markets of the time. Includes gastronomy, fights between merchants and traders, military garrison, trial of offenders, arts, theatrical scenes, animation, music and dance.

According to the secretariat of Tourism, during the year 2019 are involved about 420 people in the festival, more 20 than in the year edition of 2018.

A conference on the navigator will also take place, marking the celebration of the 30 years of Casa Colombo-Porto Santo Museum.

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