20 Best Madeira Restaurants You Won’t Want to Miss in 2022

Madeira is an amazing island and there are many things to discorver and you can find many places to go do outdoor activities or to stay in, and in this article you’ll discover some of the best madeira restaurants.

Look at our opinion on the 20 Best madeira restaurants

1. Santa Maria – Zona Velha

Santa Maria Is placed in the centre of the historic area of Funchal. It is located at the charismatic Santa Maria street and set in a former elementary school, it retains its original centenary architecture and sits in the heart of Funchal´s Zona Velha(old town), within about a 5 minute walk from the city centre and the beautiful seafront. Conceptualised to ensure a full Madeira cultural experience, tradicionally and charming features mingle perfectly. It is modernly equipped and decorated in an upscale and casual style.

2. Marina Terrace –  Funchal

Marina Terrace opened its doors in 1985 right in the center of Funchal, where today it is one of the best restaurants with the greatest longevity and tradition. Situated directly opposite the marina, this local restaurant favorite excels in offering the authentic taste of the sea. In this idyllic location, the view is always spectacular, whether it’s the Atlantic Ocean or the explosions of fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Other highlights of Madeira’s culture, such as the Flower Festival and Carnival parades, are also minutes from our door.


image of Funchal


3. il Vivaldi – Funchal

With a Mediterranean food Resturant and a Terrace Bar, il Vivaldi will captivate all your senses thought its gastronomical creativity, original artistic décor and its high-end service. It is always honouring the historical value of the original building where it is located (the old Casa do Turista), it’s logo is inspired by the tiles from its imponent reception.

4. Kampo by Chef Julio Pereira –  Funchal

Kampo is a restaurant full of experiences, where all flavours come from the ground flavours that are highlighted in the dishes created by Chef Júlio Pereira, who shows his origins in a creative way. The restaurant is located in the heart of the city of Funchal, it boasts a small, cozy space with the kitchen as a ‘background’, offering to all the customers a deep view of everything that is happening. With a really simple menu with elegance, where the fixed dishes will vary, according to the products of the current season. His natural fermented artisan bread is made at his home and has some snacks to go with it.


5. O Moinho – Caniço

Situated in Caniço, the restaurant O Moinho is an amazing place where you can go to eat delicious food. The restaurant in itself is very open to tourists and they have a wonderful menu.

6. Abrigo do Pastor – Camacha

The Abrigo do Pastor is a special place with charm and flavor. It is a cute shack in the mountains, which is served as a shelter for hunters and shepherds, gave rise to a bar and restaurant called Restaurante Abrigo do Pastor! The cuisine there has a strong identity with deep roots in the gastronomic tradition of Madeira and Portugal, prevailing the characteristic and delicious flavors, mostly obtained from regional products, from the land and the countryside.

7. Olhar do Campo – Prazeres

Olhar do Campo is located near Calheta, in Prazeres. It is beautiful rural area with some activities and places to visit. In Prazeres you should visit Olhar do Campo and try out their amazing food.

8. O Forno – Ponta do Pargo

If your trying to visit Ponta do Pargo you should also go there and try O Forno because it is an amazing restaurant that you’ll have a great time. Their food is cooked in a brick oven as the name suggests.

9. Sea View – Porto Moniz

This restaurant is situated in Porto Moniz and is near the natural pools of Porto Moniz so if you are going to the pools when in madeira. The restaurant looks good and the food is good as well.

Porto Moniz

image of Porto Moniz

10. Las Caraíbas – Seixal

The restaurant Las Caraíbas is located in the city Seixal and is one of the only restaurants in the area, still it is one of the best madeira restaurants. You can taste a lot of diferent flavors and all of them will be great.

11. Lavrador – São Vicente

São Vicente is an beautiful part of Madeira Island and the restaurant Lavrador is a super delicious restaurant that focuses in the Madeira type cuisine. You can check their webpage here.

12. Quinta do Furão – Santana

Open since 1993, it basically offers two spaces – inside; the living room, where we find an imposing ceiling height and a wood-lined ceiling and two fireplaces that warm the atmosphere in winter and outdoors; the balcony, very sheltered, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking and magnificent natural landscape! The cuisine offers all the clients with a balanced mix of typical Madeiran cuisine and international cuisine with the best and most fresh of local products.


image of Santana


13. Sabores do Curral – Curral das Freiras

Sabores do Curral is a restaurant that is located in Curral das Freiras. They have many types of food but they are tradicional foods from Madeira.

14. Braseiro De Gaula – Gaula

Located in Gaula, Braseiro De Gaula is a restaurant that mostly does bbq type foods with a twist of Madeira cuisine. This is one of the best madeira restaurants of this type.

15. O Grelhador – Machico

O Grelhador is a restaurant located in Machico and is also like the Braseiro De Gaula where the food is mostly grilled food.

madeira restaurants- Machico

image of Machico


16. Adega Moniz – Santa Cruz

Adega Moniz is situated in Santa Cruz  and it is a restaurant that is mostly made out of plates that go well with wine because it is also a wine cellar.

17. Paladares da terra – Caniçal

In Caniçal, you can visit Paladares da terra which is a restaurant where every day the food is diferent but they all share the same patern that the food is mostly food from our cuisine. You can check their page here.

18. São Cristóvão – Boaventura

São Cristóvão is a restaurant situated in Boaventura, and it is a good looking restaurant situated on a cliff. If you want to know more information about them you can check their page.

19. Sol e Mar – Paul Do Mar

Sol e Mar is located in Avenida Dos Pescadores Paulenses, Paul do Mar. Because of this location it is near the sea, so you can be having a great meal while looking at the vast sea.


20. Essência do Atlântico – Calheta

Located in Calheta, Essência do Atlântico is a restaurant that mainly offers marine cuisine like grilled fish and other dishes of the type. If you want to check more about them you could visit their facebook page.

madeira restaurants- calheta

image of Calheta


Conclusion of the article

I hope that with this article you now know which madeira restaurants to go to. If you don’t know what a boutique hotel is and/or want to try it out in Madeira check out this article about boutique hotels in Madeira.

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