5 Places To Visit To Take The Perfect Photo On Madeira Island

All of us who travel the world are always looking for the perfect location for the perfect photo. Here are 5 places to visit to take the perfect photo on Madeira Island.

Whether it’s to take that photo to instagram, tell a story, or to remember later, what’s not lacking are places to take that perfect photo on Madeira Island!

Where to take the perfect photo on Madeira Island?

1. Miradouro dos Balcões

This location is the brand image of Madeira Island. Many of the tourism promotion campaigns use photos of this fantastic location, with its green valley. On clean days, we were able to see the two highest peaks of Madeira Island, Pico do Arieiro and Pico Ruivo.

Location: 32°44’29.0″N 16°53’24.6″W

Miradouro dos Balcões

Miradouro dos Balcões

2. Seixal Beach

This beach is on the north coast of the island, which looks more like a Hawaiian postcard… The contrast between mountains green, sand black, and sea blue, are the ideal colors for that ideal or video photo.

Location: 32°49’20.2″N 17°06’11.1″W

Seixal Beach

Seixal Beach

3. Areeiro Peak / Ruivo Peak

This is where one of the most challenging and amazing trails is located on Madeira Island, reaching 1862 meters of altitude. It is recommended to help a mountain guide if you are thinking of making this route.

Location: 32°45’32.7″N 16°56’39.2″W

Pico do Arieiro / Pico Ruivo

Pico do Arieiro / Pico Ruivo

4. Ponta de São Lorenço

This is one of the most emblematic places on Madeira Island, in the easternmost part of the island. You will find an arid scenery, volcanic formations, a contrast with the green of the rest of the island.

Location: 32°44’35.6″N 16°42’03.6″W

Ponta de São Lorenço

Ponta de São Lorenço

5. Ponta do Sol Waterfall

Do you like cascades? This waterfall is on regional road 10, between Ponta do Sol and Magdalene do Mar. If you visit it, get ready to cool off in the crystal clear water of the waterfall!

Location: 32°41’12.0″N 17°06’49.9″W

Ponta do Sol Waterfall

Ponta do Sol Waterfall

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