5 Best Times Of The Year To Travel To Madeira Island In 2021

When you travel to Madeira Island, you discover several places of interest in the region so that you can enjoy a magnificent stay. The island has several characteristics that will make you want to spend your next vacation in the region. However, it will show with the various festive seasons distributed throughout the year, that this destination provides a unique experience, especially at certain times of the year.

The Madeira Island is perfect destination for traveling to enjoy a tropical climate, it is a nature lover and like to know the customs and traditions culture. With a distinctive local cuisine and various events scheduled, you will enjoy of a unique experience in the region. Below are the months of the year in which you can enjoy various regional events, which you can not miss.

When you travel to Madeira Island at these times of the year you can enjoy several unique experiences

1. February: Carnival in Madeira Island

1. February: Carnival in Madeira Island

1. February: Carnival in Madeira Island

In February 2021 will be celebrated Carnival in Madeira Island. This festive season of the year attracts several visitors to the region to enjoy all the events that took place this month, especially those related to carnival.

The celebrations begin on a Saturday with a magnificent procession through the streets of Funchal, exhibiting colorful and festive costumes, as well as bands and samba schools, which make the carnival in the region, unforgettable. For those who travel to Madeira Island, in this special season, enjoy this procession and also the party that continues until the following week, Tuesday, in which the bumbling procession is celebrated, with music and festive costumes characteristic of this time.

This is undoubtedly a great time to travel to the Madeira archipelago, where you will be presented with various Madeiran traditions, in addition to the beautiful carnival celebrated in the region.

2. April: Madeira Island Ultra Trail

2. April: Madeira Island Ultra Trail

2. April: Madeira Island Ultra Trail

In April 2021, one of the major regional events will be the Madeira Island Ultra Trail (MIUT). This carries every year in the region and is promoted by the Funchal Mountain Club. This is a race on the Madeira Island, which allows you to cross the island’s high points, from northwest to southeast of the region.

This event started in 2008, in which 141 people participated and it prevails until today, with the participation of more than 2000 people, of 30 different nationalities. The route starts in the municipality of Porto Moniz and allows the passage through several trails and peaks of the island, namely, Pico Ruivo and Pico do Areeiro.

By choosing this destination at this time of year, you can also practice various radical activities in the region, since Madeira Island has the necessary conditions for the practice of these activities.

3. May: Flower Festival

3. May: Flower Festival

3. May: Flower Festival

In May, one of the biggest events in the region is celebrated, the Flower Festival, which attracts several visitors to the region, as well as several residents to the streets of Funchal. This event takes place every year and, when traveling to Madeira Island you will find that this month a tribute is paid to the flowers of the region. At this time of year, several flowers are on display in the city of funchal and there is a parade of floats, which allow the magnificent flowers of the island to be known.

On the eve of this parade, other initiatives are evident, such as the construction of floral carpets, performances by folk groups and classical music concerts. This event allows a moment of conviviality and appreciation of the beauty of Madeiran traditions.

The exhibition and the parade take place over a few weeks, in which you will not want to miss. In addition, not this time of year the island offers a good climate, conducive to the exhibition of flowers as well, the parade.

4. August: Festivals and Arraiais

4. August: Festivals and Arraiais

4. August: Festivals and Arraiais

At this time of year, during the summer season, several festivals are held in different counties, in which there is great adherence by residents and visitors, this being your opportunity to travel to Madeira Island.

It is this August, which was held some gastronomic festivals, the well-known rally vinho madeira, arraiais made in the parishes of the region and the county parties. Also, the well-known festivals in which some public figures participate and attract a large audience, to enjoy these traditional moments of conviviality.

This time of year there are many festivals and arraiais north of the south of the island, where you can enjoy not only the local cuisine as well as traditional music of the region, folklore and the simplicity of the Madeiran people.

5. December: Christmas party and end of the year

5. December: Christmas party and end of the year

5. December: Christmas party and end of the year

In December, the most special time of the year, Christmas and the end of the year is celebrated , which allows the year to end in a better way, in a party . This time of year, there are the initiatives characteristics of this festive season, which are rigorously planned and executed over the years.

This being a tourist island, the region offers a vast program of cultural, popular and artistic events, in which it attracts several visitors to the region and makes this time of year even more special for the Madeiran people. When traveling to Madeira Island in December, you can enjoy the various illuminations on the streets of the city of Funchal, as well as the various animations prepared especially for this time of the year, which is characterized in the region, as a special time for socializing. family and among friends.

This month offers all visitors to the region several surprises and unique experiences that will make your stay unforgettable.

Do not miss the opportunity to know the various events that take place in the region throughout the year

When you travel to Madeira at these times of the year, you can enjoy the various animations that are available to residents and visitors of the island, enjoying the good times that this unique region offers. You will also be able to enjoy various activities carried out in the region, since it presents special conditions for carrying out numerous different experiences.

Do not miss the opportunity to get to know the various cultural traditions of the island, which are present from the local cuisine to the music and costumes used in the region. This is an island with some customs and traditions, which allows you a unique party experience, throughout the year.

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