5 Beaches That You Need To Know When You Are Visiting Madeira Island in 2021

When you’re visiting Madeira Island you can appreciate and enjoy several attractions, including the magnificent beaches throughout the region. From rocky beaches to beautiful sandy beaches, which attract many visitors to the archipelago, throughout the year. The subtropical climate, typical of the region, will make you enjoy the fresh waters and the warm days, almost all year round, on the island.

Throughout this article you will be able to highlight some of the various beaches along the island, which you must visit on your next trip to the region, although this is not known as a beach destination. In addition to the bathing complexes, you can enjoy the local cuisine, as well as the practice of extreme sports.

Discover these five beaches to enjoy a beautiful hot day at your travel destination

1. Calheta Beach

Praia da Calheta is an artificial beach, consisting of yellow sand from the village of Calheta, having been inaugurated in 2004. This was the first imported sand beach on Madeira Island and has few waves and currents. On this beach, you can enjoy two areas that make it up, to rest and enjoy the sunny day, using a sun lounger that can be rented on site and an inflatable in the sea.

When you are visiting madeira, you should appreciate this beach, which still has some facilities, such as a bathroom, changing rooms, volleyball courts, beach football and, good restaurants that represent regional cuisine. In addition, a supermarket and parking with parking meters are available next to the beach, so you can enjoy the beach day without any obstacles.

2. Porto Moniz Natural Pools

The natural swimming pools in the Porto Moniz, lead several visitors to Madeira Island, throughout the year. The natural beauty of these pools, as well as the quality and freshness of these waters, provide a moment of relaxation for all who visit the Madeira Island and tend to visit the municipality of Porto Moniz.

The pools allow us to observe a unique landscape on the sea coast and also on the rocks, which are a major attraction for both the residents and for visitors. The pools also have a bar, changing rooms, children’s playground, first aid station and you can also rent a sun lounger and a sun hat, to enjoy the pools throughout the day, without running the risk of sun exposure.

The natural pools are open throughout the year, governed by opening hours and with the constant presence of lifeguards, maintaining the safety of the bathing complex.

3. Formosa Beach

Praia Formosa is the largest public beach on the Madeira Island. This is formed by four sandy and pebble beaches, which residents and tourists visit throughout the year and is located to the west of the municipality of Funchal. This beach is the only one in the region that joins the municipality of Funchal with the municipality of Câmara de Lobos, through a promenade, very popular with residents.

Being a beach accessible to all, this presents itself as the only beach in the country adapted for the blind, exhibiting several characteristics that facilitate mobility, which led to the award with the “Accessible Beach 2015” award. In addition, on this beach, you will find lifeguards who guarantee the safety of the Formosa bathing complex.

You can find support infrastructures, such as parking, changing rooms, bathrooms, first aid station, a children’s playground, a football field, restaurants and bars and a multi-sports area, so that you can enjoy a day at the beach. heat near the beach and with other distractions.

4. Vila do Ponta do Sol Beach

The village of Ponta do Sol has a small and beautiful pebble beach, which attracts many visitors and residents to county, throughout the year. The mild climate characteristic of this area of ​​Madeira Island, increases the trips to the beach, as well as the offer with regard to infrastructure and water freshness. This is a beach guarded by lifeguards, who guarantee your safety and, also, you can enjoy the showers and showers present on the beach.

Although far from the center of Funchal, this part of Madeira Island has many charms, namely this village beach, with a bar and restaurant, where you can enjoy unique moments, watching a beautiful landscape, while enjoying and enjoying drinks and regional dishes. Also on this beach in the municipality of Ponta do Sol, there are some local concerts, which are suspended due to the coronavirus.

5. Doca do Cavacas Beach Complex

The Doca do Cavacas beach complex is a small but magnificent solarium area. With direct access to the sea and with the beautiful pools of volcanic origin, you can enjoy the clear waters and the beautiful landscape that this place provides.

In the presence of showers, as well as lifeguards , this beach proves to be a safe place on these hotter and wetter days. In addition, you can taste various dishes in the restaurants and bars next to the beach, while enjoying a beautiful landscape of these natural pools. The conditions offered are the best, so that you can enjoy an exceptional service, contemplating the beauty of another beach in the region.

Located in the municipality of Funchal, this is close to another beach in the region, Praia Formosa, in which through a tunnel between the two beaches, you can choose two of the best beaches on Madeira Island.

When visiting Madeira Island, enjoy this subtropical climate on the best beaches in the region

When you are visiting Madeira Island, you must visit and enjoy these beautiful beaches in the region. In several areas of the Madeira Island can enjoy your best vacation days on the beaches of this destination, with a subtropical climate, which will remain in the Island for to longer.

With showers and others, as well as lifeguards on all the beaches mentioned above, in the hottest time of the year your safety is guaranteed and an exceptional service for you to have a relaxing and memorable beach day.

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