10 Best Restaurants in Funchal to Visit in 2021

Coming to Funchal, Madeira Island? If you are looking for suggestions to have your meals, Have a look at these 10 Best Restaurants in Funchal to Visit in 2021.

Madeira island is known to be a perfect destination for people that want to be around nature, for example, you can do some Levada Walks or other Activities in nature.

We are sure if you are exploring the island or just Funchal you probably will get hungry. So in this article, we share a few restaurants that you should visit during your stay.

In Funchal, you can find a wide offer of restaurants to have great meals. You can find restaurants with traditional food of Madeira, Portuguese and international food.

10 Best Restaurants in Funchal

So now we are going to share the 10 best restaurants in Funchal to visit in 2021:

1 – Armazém do Sal
This is a restaurant with the main focus on Madeiran and Portuguese food. It is located in a 200-year-old building that was used to store salt, Hence its name “Armazém do Sal”.

If you are interested in this restaurant you can visit it in R. da Alfândega 135, 9000-059 Funchal, Portugal.

Armazéns do Sal is one of Best Restaurants in Funchal

1- Armazéns do Sal – Image by TripAvisor

2 – Il Gallo D’Oro – Hotel The Cliff Bay
Il Gallo D’Oro is a restaurant with two Michelin stars and is a gourmet restaurant located in the five-star hotel The Cliff Bay. If you decide to dine at this restaurant, you will be able to enjoy delicious meals with a mix of Madeiran ingredients with other ingredients from Europe.

If you are interested in this restaurant, you can visit it at the following address Estrada Monumental 147, Funchal, 9004-532, Portugal.


Il Gallo D'Oro is one of Best Restaurants in Funchal

2 – Il Gallo D’Oro – Image by TripAvisor

3 – Casal da Penha
The Casal da Penha restaurant is another restaurant located in the centre of Funchal. It has an excellent terrace to have a meal. In this space, you can find traditional Madeiran dishes, as well as several other specialities not to be missed.

You can visit this restaurant in Rua Penha de França, Funchal, 9000-014, Portugal.

3 – Casal da Penha – Image by TripAvisor

4 – William at Belmond Reid’s Palace
It is a restaurant with a classic and elegant feel with fantastic views over the coast. You can find contemporary specialities with a European influence, combined with regional products.

This restaurant is located in Estrada Monumental 139, Funchal, 9000-098, Portugal.

William is one of Best Restaurants in Funchal

4 – William – Image by TripAvisor

5 – The Dining Room at Quinta da Casa Branca
The restaurant is located in a historic house with a beautiful garden. In the space, you will find a dining room with a more English touch. The food is focused on traditional food with more contemporary touches and you can still enjoy international dishes.

This restaurant is located in the Rua da Casa Branca 7, Funchal, 9000-088, Portugal.

The Dinning Room is one of Best Restaurants in Funchal

5 – The Dinning Room – Image by TripAdvisor

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6 – Avista
When visiting this restaurant, also located at The Cliff Bay hotel, you will find fabulous views over Funchal’s coastline, as well as the deserted islands in the background.

You will be able to find various Mediterranean and Asian dishes. A space that combines a more informal philosophy with fresh and quality products.

You may visit Avista Restaurante at strada Monumental 143, Funchal, 9004-532, Portugal.

Avista Restaurant is one of Best Restaurants in Funchal

6 – Avista – Image by TripAvisor

7 – Cris’s

The restaurant focuses on international food with some more irreverent touches. When visiting the space you can find a refined interior, combining modern and rustic styles.

Cris’s Place is located in Rua Casa Branca nº 34A Camino Velho da Ajuda, Funchal, Madeira 9000-088 Portugal.

Cris's is one of Best Restaurants in Funchal

7 – Cris’s – Image By Tripadvisor

8 – Ristorante Villa Cipriani
If you enjoy Italian food, this is the perfect restaurant for you to visit. This restaurant is located in a villa at the Belmond Reid’s Palace with magnificent views of the cliff, especially if you visit the terrace.

You may find this restaurant at Estrada Monumental 139, Funchal, 9000-098, Portugal.

8 – Villa Ciprani – Image by Tripadvisor

9 – Mozart Restaurant
At the Mozart Restaurant you will be able to find inspiration in its dishes in regional, national and international flavours. It is located in one of the most emblematic areas of the city of Funchal, the Old Town. Inside you can find decoration reminiscent of the Classical Period.

Interested in visiting this restaurant? You may find it at Rua D. Carlos I, Nº 50, Zona Velha Da Cidade, 9060-051, Funchal.

Mozart is one of Best Restaurants in Funchal

9 – Restaurant Mozart – Image by Tripadvisor

10 – Kampo by Chef Julio Pereira
By visiting Kampo Restaurant you may find a cosy space. in the middle of the city, where you will be able to see the chef preparing the meals in the kitchen. The menu will have products related to the season.

You will find the restaurant at Rua do Sabão, 6, Funchal, Madeira 9000-056 Portugal.

10 – Kampo by Chef Julio Pereira – Image by Tripadvisor

And so we conclude our list of 10 restaurants that you can visit during your stay in Madeira. It is a variety of places where you can experience your gastronomic experience in an exquisite and unique way.

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